Atlantis and the Atlanteans
  Atlantis and  
  the Atlanteans  

Translated from Russian
by Mikhail Nikolenko

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ISBN: 978-1-89751-033-9

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Book of the Born-Again in the Light.
Revelations of Divine Atlanteans

Written down by
Anna Zubkova

Under editorship of
Dr.Vladimir Antonov

Translated into English by
Anton Teplyy and Vladimir Antonov

With commentaries of
Pythagoras, Elisabeth Haich, and Vladimir Antonov

Correctors of the English translation:
Hiero Nani and Keenan Murphy

Divine Teachers Who lived in Atlantis continue to give Their Knowledge to people that inhabit the Earth today. They teach, among other things, about the principles of spiritual education, about the evolution of consciousness, and about the meaning of our lives as well as about its realization.

This book will be interesting and useful to anyone seeking the spiritual Perfection.



Keys to the Mysteries of Existence

Chapter One. Key of Freedom

Chapter Two. Key of Silence

Chapter Three. Key of Love

Chapter Four. Key of Work

Chapter Five. Key of Knowledge

Chapter Six. Key of Power

Chapter Seven. Key of Unity

Chapter Eight. Key of Immortality

Chapter Nine. Key of Fire



Heritage of Atlantis in Hellas. Orphic Teachings

Lamp One: There Is One God — the Creator of Everything Existing in the “Manifested” Universe

Lamp Two: Humans’ Place between the Creation and the Creator

Lamp Three: Soul Comes to the Earth Many Times

Lamp Four: Ethics is the First Step of Purification

Lamp Five: Love is the State of God, So the One Who Walks the Path Approaches the Creator by the Steps of Love

Lamp Six: God-Man — This Is Possible!

Lamp Seven: Creativity Is a Way to Transform the Soul into the Creative Flame


Knowledge from the Treasury of Ancient Egypt










Pythagoras — Evolution of the Absolute and a Human Being in It

Elisabeth Haich — On the Importance of Spiritual Knowledge

Vladimir Antonov — Articles and Lectures

On Yoga

Faith — and Knowledge

Love the Lord, Your God!... Love Your Neighbor!…

The Most Important in Our Lives

Buddhi Yoga (lecture)

The Lower “i” and the Higher “I” (Lecture given at the place of power)

Recommended Literature


I would like to speak through you. I suggest you to start writing a new book. It may be called “Book of the Born-Again in the Light. Keys to the Mysteries of Existence”.

I will be grateful to anyone who can help to materialize this idea for people of your time and for future generations.

My knowledge of Atlantis, Egypt, and Greece is great.

I am one of the Transmitters of the Truth for humanity. This is My Work! I have done it before and I keep doing it right now!

I would like that people associate My name not only with papyrus scrolls placed near the heads of the dead bodies or with forgotten rituals… My Message came to people through the Emerald Tablets, but this is not all too…

Listen — and you will know that which I have not told to people yet!

The Schools of higher spiritual knowledge are indestructible! They exist as some kind of living library. Here the knowledge is not contained in books but in the Souls That assimilated Wisdom and Light. This knowledge is preserved for eternity because These Souls are immortal!

Now it is your task to make some of these great treasures of the Spirit accessible.

* * *

Hark, oh people, to the voice of the Atlantean Who was called Thoth!

The Earth was lying in the cradle of the Creating Hands when I came to it and took the knowledge of the Creating Power, in Which there is the Source of everything!

I would like to give a Message to the humankind of Earth for the centuries to come and for the present time. There are simple instructions for everyday life, instructions that can help the one who walks the Path of Light.

God really exists! He can be perceived by the developed soul-consciousness as the intangible Living and Subtlest Light.

Everyone who seeks the Divine Light and works to perceive It will cognize It!

For this the soul must be refined, must become tenderly transparent. And then it starts burning with the Divine Fire.

I want to tell you about the Path that leads to the Light!

I will give nine keys to the mysteries hidden within everyone!

The keys to all the mysteries of existence are in every one of us, in our multidimensional nature, similar to the multidimensional structure of the universe.

When I say that they are hidden, I do not mean that someone has hidden them but just that they have not been discovered and comprehended by us yet!

A seed has the possibility to become a plant. In the same way, a human being has the possibility to become God! Just as the natural destiny of a seed is to become a plant — so the natural destiny of any person is to grow and to become God!

Not each seed and not every person grows and realizes its potential. But human beings are conscious. They are able to comprehend the steps of the growth of a soul and to move through them towards the Mergence with the Primordial Light!

Human beings are not material bodies. Matter is only a temporary clothing of a soul.

Human beings are souls, born to obtain the Immortality! The predestination of every one of them is to become the Soul That carries the Light and then to enrich the United Ocean of the Perfect Ones, the Ocean That creates everything in the universe!

So I give you these keys! You can take and use them to obtain love, wisdom, and power on your Path of Self-Perfection.

Keys to the Mysteries of Existence

Chapter One. Key of Freedom

Remember, listener! The future starts today! It begins right now!

Your future starts always right now, as well as the future of the whole Earth! Remember that!

This is my key to Freedom: one determines one’s own future by oneself! Right now you can create your own future!

Moreover, even without knowing about it, you inevitably do it. Yet you can also do it consciously!

Every moment of time is the present that determines your future!

The past is already gone. It always doesn’t exist! Those things from the past remain with you that you are not ready to leave behind, that are dear to you, that you hold strongly and that you are attached to. They may be positive or negative and move you forward or hinder your evolution… Nevertheless, every time you are the one who can choose from all your past that which you want to take with you to your future!

Negative karma exists as long as a person cannot consciously choose the Creator as his or her only Goal and leave everything else in order to enter the Life of the Creating Divine Power.

Yet to prepare yourself for this immersion, you should control your own future.

You are the one who can choose how you want to live!

You choose it right now by your way of thinking and acting, by the emotions in which you live!

You should decide for what and how you are going to live!

This is what forms your future!

The law of karma ties people only because they are not ready or do not want to cleanse themselves of the negative past and continue to project it onto their own future. Each person is such a “projector” and projects onto his or her own future his or her emotional states, behavioral patterns, and state of the energies within the body and “cocoon”.

To become free from the negative karma, the mechanism of repentance exists. One eliminates vices in oneself — and they stop “projecting” events onto one’s future, those events that might be needed to understand and eliminate specific vices…

God is in everything existing. He revives, creates, and develops the whole world. Everything will change dramatically in the life of the one who will learn to notice and feel the constant presence of God in one’s life.

Love — as the quality of a soul — is what allows this to happen. The love for God, Who creates everything in the universe, is what allows a person to build, to co-create the future in cooperation with Him — the Higher Creative Power!

Similarly, the entire community of people determines right now its common future in the world. It depends on each one of them. It is the sum of all contributions, big or small, positive or negative, of numerous people.

Those Who become Mahatmas have the greatest responsibility for the destiny of the Earth! Their contribution can be enormous!…

… The past is opened to anyone who is able to see the flow of time.

The future is created by the one who has cognized one’s own past.

The future is not fixed. It changes when new causes create new situations. This is how every person creates his or her own future right now!

Having cognized your own fetters, i.e. the evil qualities of the soul, you should know about the possibility to rise from the darkness and shine in the Light!

Flesh contains the fetters for the soul, but at the same time it gives the opportunity for growth.

You can subdue and control the desires of flesh through abstinence! You can strengthen your willpower by struggling against your flaws!

By refraining from excesses in food — you conquer the desire of eating too much. By refraining from the idle chatter — you conquer your mind. By forcing yourself to control and to eliminate immediately your negative emotions — you gain the ability to control your emotional sphere. By cultivating love as the state of the soul — you direct your steps towards the Light!

The means of controlling the inner state of yourself-soul are inside the multidimensional structure of your organism. I speak about chakras. After having learnt to control them through knowing yourself inside your own body, you will be able to leave temporarily this material envelope in order to travel in the Light, cognize It, and merge with It!

A human body is the unique and perfect creation of God! It is designed to live 700 — 900 years, during which one can keep developing oneself as a soul. Many in Atlantis lived so. The same I can say about successful disciples of God who lived among people scattered over the central area of Eurasia in the same era.

The potential of health inherent to the structure of a human body allows restoring and reviving the work of its broken systems and organs. Full acceptation and application of this knowledge could create a revolution in modern medicine! The cases of healing when the power of a human soul was used to restore bodily functions and health are well-known for your contemporaries, but… Absurdity and barbarism, manifested in the lack of understanding of the meaning of life on the Earth, threaten humanity with troubles and disasters…

This is so, because one of the purposes of the natural and technological disasters happening on the planet is to force people to begin thinking about the meaning of human life and about the life of the whole planet on which humanity lives…

You are a part of what is called humanity and can start changing both your future and the future of the Earth!

Let everyone do it, starting with self-transformation!

… When something bad happens to you, accustom yourself to asking the question “what for?” instead of “why?”!

To look for your faults and errors in your past is always useful! Repentance is something necessary! But even more useful is to look into the future! In this case, the overcoming of each obstacle in your destiny will raise you out of an abyss of suffering, out of the captivity of the causes and effects of sansara. This positive attitude with a look into the future allows you to pass quickly and efficiently the difficult parts of your own destiny and not cast the shadows of new errors on your future.

And the most important of all for you is to always feel the Presence of God in everything, in yourself and in what is happening with you right now!

Chapter Two. Key of Silence

Listen to what I will say and remember!

The Messengers of Light live among people to avoid the knowledge of the Truth being lost!

I know the full Path of the soul: from a human being — to God!

And everyone should know that it is possible for him or her to accomplish this as well! This is the meaning of life in the body: to develop the individual consciousness up to the Divinity!

Everything created serves this goal! Each “drop of life” — the soul — should grow, becoming more and more complex in its development and striving for the Mergence with the Supreme Consciousness!

God — in the Aspect of the Creator — is the Boundless Ocean of the Eternal and Subtlest Consciousness, by Whom everything was created and is controlled in the universe.

The Earth is a small planet in the boundless space… The cosmos is full of life… So let every star in the sky remind you about the eternal and infinite spaciousness in which God creates everything!

Let our golden star — the Sun — also remind you about the Creative Power of God!

… When I do not speak — listen to My silence! And when I speak — hark to my words and thoughts!

Saturate and fill yourself with My states!

Listen to the silence! I give you the key to the Silence! Listen!

… Eternity… — it is also possible to listen to it! Eternity does not have small superficial sounds. Eternity is the silence… This is the length of time from minus infinity to plus infinity… And at each point of this infinity there exists a moment “now”, in which there is the profound silence of eternity…

Sounds come and go in the river of time… But the silence always exists! This is the silence of the universe, the silence of God!

Listen! Become filled with this silence! Become filled with it so that all the superficial and unnecessary will be displaced!…

And then you will be able to fill this silence with yourself!

Inside this silence — you may learn wisdom. Thanks to this, you will be able to distinguish between the important and the unimportant.

By learning to listen to the silence, you will be able to see from the Depths, since this silence fills My Depths too.

And from there, from My Peace, the essence of the Whole is visible.

The ability to listen to the silence is developed through the immersion into the center of yourself — into the spiritual heart. There are three chakras above and three chakras below; and in the chest, in the cavity of the chakra anahata, there is the most important part of the human organism. A door can be found in its depth that opens to the Divine Love and to My Calm!

But for this door to be opened — the same level of subtlety of the consciousnesses should exist on both sides of this door.

Fill your spiritual heart with peace — and only then — in the infinity of silence — you will find this door.

And if you fill your spiritual heart with the fire of love for the Creator — the door to the Divine Flame of His Love will be opened for you!

On the contrary, if there is only dull and gray twilight of the indifference in the cavity of your chakra anahata — then the door to the worlds of Light cannot be opened…

… Learn to be in silence among people as well!

The idle talks of a person who has not mastered the silence impede the progress of this person and of others on this Path!

Avoid unnecessary words: do not burden with them the minds of your interlocutors!

Avoid the idle talks of other people in order to maintain the purity of silence in yourself!

Verbosity brings nothing good! The excess of speeches results only in confusion!

Let the silence be illuminated only with the words of wisdom, given to you or to others by you!

Only the one who has cognized the mergence with the silence obtains a great benefit: freedom from idle talks of the mind!

Through silence — you open for yourself the Path of heart and wisdom!

Chapter Three. Key of Love

Love is the key that opens to the soul the gate to the Light, to the cognition of the Creator!

This Path is the Path of the spiritual heart. It can be represented as a ladder consisting of many steps and landings.

The degree of transformation of the soul-consciousness into Love predetermines what abilities will be entrusted and opened to this soul by the Divine Guides.

Stability in the states of love and peace is what the person who masters the steps of the evolutionary Path should demonstrate. Such a person will always be tested by Us on the stability of these states of consciousness. Each time when he or she passes successfully one of these tests — the key of Love will open the next gate to him or her.

Yes, when a disciple comes closer to the next level of initiation — the tests on the stability arise immediately before him or her. Only if this disciple can overcome with the help of the key of Love the obstacles that arise — he or she will be considered worthy of ascending to the next stage of gradual cognition of the Boundless One.

The above said is one of the laws of the soul’s development in the Universal School.

All that the soul gains before obtaining the key of Love is only a preliminary stage of the spiritual growth; it is only a “kindergarten” of the Evolution.

… You should know that the Light is hidden in your nature! Darkness is only the outer cover! Search for Light in the depths of your spiritual heart!

Only through love, will you be able to reach the Unity with the Whole!

Vanquish the darkness inside yourself! Dispel the dark veil that separates you from the Light of Truth!

You should follow what you will comprehend in your spiritual heart because it is a home of Light inside you and the source of love, which, growing, can embrace everything!

Let your love be the herald of your morning!

Let your love illuminate the beginning of each one of your days, burning more and more with every hour like a rising sun!

Let every day of your life on the Earth pass not in vain!

Be open with your light of love to people who appeal to you! And then let everyone take, as a gift from you, that which he or she can encompass.

If, on the contrary, the light of your love is closed to people — this is your fault before God!

Pour out your heart light as the sun pours out its light in the morning! Make the flame of love your essence! And then the soul will kindle with the fire of love that embraces everything and everyone!

Yet you have to make a lot of efforts so that the soul can become pure and burn steadily with the light of love!

Chapter Four. Key of Work

Despondency is peculiar to idleness.

Tireless work is peculiar to the one who is cognizing the Primordial.

The Light can be cognized only by the one who works!

Without the key of Work, it is impossible to pass the entire Path to the Perfection!

It is not easy to find wisdom!

It is not easy to cleanse the soul and bare it before the Light!

But only when the darkness in you is erased and all the covers of the soul are stripped — the Light will shine in your heart!

Wisdom can be cognized only through efforts!

The one who does not make such efforts is stagnant or slides back. It is so because there is not only the Path of development, but also the path of degradation, leading to the darkness! So strive always to reach the Light and do not cease working on yourself-soul!

You should know that Those Who have reached the Life in the Light do not stop Their work. But Their work is different and may include the entire worlds of developing life.

Great aspiration to conquer your lower nature and master the Path towards the Light should arise in you! Year after year, with the restless effort and aspiration, you should gather wisdom and strength and grow as love! Make great efforts tirelessly in order to obtain freedom from all the heavy and dull in the soul!

… Each time when you come to an obstacle on your Path and you think you have reached the limit — know: you just stand on the threshold of a new stage of your development and you can begin a new stage of your ascent! The obstacles only indicate the steps of the Path! And the One Whom you are cognizing is boundless!

Do not think that Those Who shine with the Light of Wisdom and embrace the infinity of the cosmos were always like this. There was a time when They also overcame the Path towards the Light, growing from the small to the Great! Let this knowledge strengthen you in your efforts! The one who does not make efforts does not reach the Goal!

All possible material things will not bring happiness to you if you haven’t worked in the spiritual field!

When you grow as the soul, trying to reach the Light, do even more than you were suggested, and you will rejoice!

… My every key opens a new gate on the Path that leads to the Life in the Light. Use these keys also to help others seeking the Light! This is the service pleasing to the Creator!

What you have contributed to the Existence of the Whole is important! This is what determines the value of your life for the Universal Life!

The Rulers of the world, the Masters of Life, work bringing this knowledge to the embodied people. They Themselves choose what to do and accelerate with Their efforts the Evolution of the Whole!

… The soul that is approaching the Light is beautiful and free! You, too, move in harmony, staying in the impeccability and remembering that you are not walking alone but are being guided by the Messengers of Light!

Chapter Five. Key of Knowledge

That one is worthy of receiving the key to the treasures of Wisdom who has cleansed oneself and is ready for the great work on the transformation of the soul into the Infinite Divine Light.

One should desire to achieve Wisdom! Let one look for the joy only in the search of the Truth!

Evolving souls uniquely can gain Wisdom. For this they should become great and pure. In this case, the Light of Wisdom will shine from them for others.

… One can never be truly free without knowledge!

Only the one who becomes worthy of the great knowledge obtains it.

Wake up, oh people, and seek after Wisdom!

The Path is free and opened only for the sages, since they have already cleansed themselves as souls and cognized the laws that allow them to enter the Light! They did it by their own will! No one could have done this instead of them! Only one by oneself can overcome one’s own emotional chaos and eliminate disorder within the soul!

Make efforts to transform yourself on your life path so that your life does not pass vainly in darkness and chaos!

Strive to become the Light only, destroying darkness in yourself!

Direct your mind to the perception of the Oneness of everything existing!

Do not cause unjustified harm to any creature!

Does fear keep you in bondage? Direct your path towards the Light — and you will forget about the fear!

Fear not, for the Light is your potential essence! And the knowledge is your legacy that came to you from those who had traveled to the Light before you!

You should know that knowledge can be gained only through practice. What you have seen and heard becomes knowledge only through the experience of the soul. The knowledge obtained in this way belongs to you, and Wisdom grows out of such knowledge!

Wisdom of the soul will not be separated from it upon the death of its body! You will be born again in a new body possessing the abilities and wisdom developed in your previous incarnations.

The Great Masters live Their lives being unknown to the majority of people, but it is hard to overestimate the significance of what They do! They again and again give people of the Earth the Eternal Teachings of God, introducing the sparks of the sacred knowledge into the minds and actions of embodied people. Sometimes They even put on human bodies to make the purity of knowledge sound again before it will be forgotten or distorted by people…

The consciousness of an average person is limited in size. But the Consciousnesses of the Great Masters are infinite and composed of Light That is One with the Creator! They shine like the Lamps of Truth among people.

Different civilizations arise and fall. New waves of souls appear and flow, rising and falling…

Each rise and fall of the civilizations contributes to the growth of the souls…

Yet Those Souls That have cognized the Primordial Light do not fall together with the falling wave. They become Lighthouses for the rest of people on the Path into the Light.

Many times the waves of the development of people rose on the Earth. These waves moved from the states slightly higher than an average animal level — to the level of People of Truth.

Every time the Primordial One reaps His harvest. Then He ploughs up a new field and sows the seeds for His next harvest.

Do not blame a person who does not go to the Light because of his or her blindness! Each seed has its own term to begin to germinate! And not everyone can accept the knowledge quickly.

Be like the Sun that warms a ploughed field and then fills the fruits with sweetness!

Not all seeds will germinate. Not every plant bears fruit… The sage knows that this is the norm in the Evolution of the Whole.

But you should serve to the Revival of Wisdom on the Earth!

Each One Who has cognized Wisdom must make the lighted Lamp of Knowledge for the descendants!

… One should come closer to the Primordial Light! But this is impossible without the purification of the soul from the ethical flaws. Those who have the courage to start the Path to the Light should know that the Dweller of the Depths does not admit unworthy people to the Light: first they should clean all impurities and coarseness in themselves!

You should be aware that any vice of yours is your denial of the Light of the Creator inside you, while love is the basis for the formation and development of the Divine qualities. This is the key to the acquisition of Wisdom.

I, Thoth-the-Atlantean, will take in My Arms and guide through the steps of the acquisition of Wisdom the one who has cleansed oneself and become worthy!

Anyone who is looking for the Divine Wisdom is dear to Me!

But only you yourself — with your own efforts — can grow from the darkness to the Light! Our help is nothing but signs on your Path!

Cleanse the space of your mind and nourish yourself with the Supreme Wisdom!

You can pass the Path from a little particle of the Creation, limited by the size of the body, to the Master of Life, Who is consubstantial with the Primordial Light and lives in the Unity with the Whole!

Chapter Six. Key of Power

Love, wisdom, and power go hand in hand and form the whole in everyone. These three qualities merge with each other on the path of the development of the soul.

Let these words become a guide for the sons and daughters of humankind!

I give knowledge to those who are looking for and are willing to accept it!

I help to find power to those who follow the Path of the Light!

The one who accumulates power to enter the Light obtains the key of Power!

I reveal to you the treasury of wisdom so that you will not go astray! But take with you that power which you have already gained on the Path to the Truth, because the one who has no power cannot overcome obstacles!

Power grows when one walks the Path.

There are three stages of the growth of power:

— first, a person increases the power of the body,

— second, he or she develops willpower: the power of the soul,

— third, he or she grows, transforming himself or herself into the shining soul, coming closer and closer to the subtlest Light!

Do not fear the power within you, but direct it wisely! Let your power be based on the knowledge and love!

Do not be governed by the consequences of your past mistakes! Be the master of your life!

Create by yourself that which will surround you!

The causes of the events that affect you are in you!

Only you can change yourself and transform in this way your life and events that happen to you!

Look for more perfect reasons for your actions — and then the Divine Sun will rise in you and illuminate all around you!

Yet do not become proud of what you have achieved, since your every achievement will be annihilated by your pride! Self-praise and narcissism shatter even the tallest building…

Love, wisdom, and gentleness are strong foundations for the power!

… There are laws in human society, but there are also those Laws according to which the universe lives and evolves. The one who violates the Laws of the universe, the Laws of the Creator, runs the risk of being destroyed, because this person causes harm to the Whole.

To know the Laws of the universe is Wisdom.

One of them is that you should not use your power for your personal domination over people!

Fear chains the soul to the darkness. Love leads to the Freedom and Light! Let your power be connected with Love only and never sow fear in the world!

The gate to the Great Power is secret. But this Power is available for the worthy one! The key to this Power is the aspiration for the Mergence with the United and Subtlest One!

Your Path lies among shadows, but the Light is its Goal!

No matter how difficult the Path may be, you can become one of Those Born in the Light!

So follow the Path, by which the Messengers of the Light lead people!

… Every one of you can become free from the bondage of darkness! Every one of you can become One with the Creator and then with the Whole!

To achieve this, you should accumulate and develop the power of the soul!

You can and should do this as long as you have a material body, because your body is the transmutator that allows you to accumulate the power of the soul.

Your body can also be transformed into the Wand of Life, which can manifest the Power of the Creator!

However, you should always remember about the danger that the power has! The one who tries to use one’s own power to dominate others will be crushed by the Power.

Let the history of Atlantis serve you as a good example! In this place, those who rose above people on the wings of their pride fell into darkness!… Their enormous knowledge and power gave them a feeling of mightiness. They believed themselves to be gods and refused the guidance of real God; they submerged into the forbidden, being tempted to use the black magic… It was the end of the civilization of Atlantis. By the Will of the Creator, the balance of the layers of the Earth changed — and the islands of Atlantis submerged under water…

Remember this, oh people! What happened to them should not ever happen to you…

Out of all the inhabitants of Atlantis, only Those Who had Purity and Light continued to live in Their bodies on the Earth. Having been warned before, They went to other people who still lived in wilderness and ignorance. They sailed to other continents to preserve the knowledge about the Path towards the Light and to educate those people. They became the Torches of Love and Wisdom for the following generations, and people of that time nourished themselves with the Wisdom of the Atlanteans.

Those Atlanteans became like a link between the world of people and the world of the Primordial Consciousness. People who lived on different continents of the Earth called Them the Children of Sun or the Sons and Daughters of God.

Many of Them are fulfilling the Will of the Dweller of the Depths right now as well, trying to raise people to the understanding of the Wisdom of the Creator.

Chapter Seven. Key of Unity

To find the key of Unity — one should learn to dissolve oneself.

The consciousness is able to dissolve itself.

You are not a body! You are the soul and, in your potential, you are free! You are able to transcend the limits of your body!

The Mergence means to dissolve yourself in the One with Whom you merge.

Nevertheless, you should know that before you can do this, you have to become formless and develop the active mobility of the consciousness! Only then you will be able to merge with the Light!

… A river, flowing into the ocean, looses its banks that created its bounds. The waters of the river and the ocean become one.

The basis for the similar mergence of the consciousnesses is love. You cannot dissolve yourself in the space to which you feel indifference! Only love can unite a soul with the Divine Light, with Which the soul aspired to merge!

… All that you know and all that you still do not know are the parts of the Great Whole, evolving in Its Infinity!

Deep under the perishable, there exists the Subtlest and the Imperishable. Strive to merge with It — with this Great Light — into One!

What is the process of the cognition of the Depths? This is the immersion into the increasing subtlety — up to the Subtlest Primordial Living Light.

Only the one who strives and works tirelessly on oneself achieves the Unity with the Infinite Subtlest Light!

The meaning of life of all consciousnesses is to grow and to become worthy of Unity with the Light in order to enrich It with themselves as the new Particles of the Light.

Do not live in bondage and darkness! Realize your great predestination!

Having achieved the Mergence, you as a soul will have your new Birth in the Light and become the Light!

… Every creature may be considered as a cell of the single Organism, a cell that grows during the life of this Organism.

So, respect every life, no matter on what stage of development it is found!

Every creature has its role in the universal life. For everything that exists and happens, there is a reason and purpose in the life of the Whole.

The consciousnesses that are younger than you on the ladder of life are your brothers and sisters, Are they not worthy of your care? And the Consciousness-Light, superior to you by Its boundlessness, is waiting to include you in Itself — in Its All-embracing Totality.

Also, take into account that you live on the Earth — and your life is inseparably connected with the life of this planet.

You are connected with this planet and with each particle of the Universal Life that lives on it — either you know about this or not. Look up and down — and see: all is One! Anything that seems to be separated is nothing but a part of the Great Multidimensional Whole.

Your flesh is connected with the flesh of the Earth. The Earth, in its intangible form, and you, as a soul born in the flesh on this planet, are similar to a huge tree of life with a leaf on a branch of this tree. And this “leaf”, which wants to cognize the Universal Truth, should cognize first the tree and only then — the One Who fills the roots of the tree with the Power of Life.

Cognize the Earth! In its Fire Heart, there is the key to everything that inhabits it. The inextinguishable Flame burns there! In this Fire Heart of the Earth, there is the passage or the gate to the Infinity of the Creative Spirit!

Look for the secrets of the Heart of the Earth — and the Primordial One will open to you the gate to Its Abode!

… That Subtlest Light consists of the Greatest Consciousnesses, merged together. The Masters of Life, existing in It and representing It, live eternally and do not need to have mortal bodies for this. They possess the Perfect Wisdom and direct the development of the Whole. They are the Hands of the Primordial Power That has power over everything and everyone.

And no one who has started this Path to the Light will stay alone!

Chapter Eight. Key of Immortality

Wake up, oh people, and turn your attention inward — to the Light of the Eternal Life. This Light lives in you!

Yes, It is hidden inside you, and you are free to discover this Inextinguishable Source of the Immortal Life! Planes-eons that surround you are present also within you as the multidimensional organism. So you can study the multidimensional nature of the universe at first in your own multidimensional organism.

… Do not look for the “valley of shadows”! Strive to reach the Light — and the Light will reveal Itself to you!

As soon as the Light fills you as a soul — the darkness will stop affecting your life, since the forces of darkness have no power where the Light reigns!

Even your body can become a torch or a lamp that indicates the Path to people!

Your body and you as a soul can become perfect, because the Creator designed human beings with the possibility for unlimited self-perfection! And you can achieve the Great Perfection through the Mergence with the Creator!

So the key of Immortality is yours! You can use it!

… I will tell you more about Immortality.

The Evolution of the Whole takes place through the life and development of numerous individual souls in the universe. I want to stress that the development of the souls takes place inside the Whole.

A soul lives for a long time! Through the death of its body — it starts a new life without a body. Then it is born again in a new body to keep developing itself on a new stage. This repeats again and again, and on each new stage the soul has the possibility to come closer to the Life in the Light.

Only those who desire darkness destroy themselves…

Yet right now we are interested, more than anything else, to talk about that awareness of oneself of which a human soul is capable.

To maintain the awareness of oneself after the death of the body was a dream of many. This ability can be developed if one learns to think with the intangible structures of the consciousness and not with a brain. Then such a consciousness will be able to think without a body as well and guard all the knowledge and experience accumulated during the life in a body.

… But I do not want to speak with you about this immortality.

In reality, not only refined consciousnesses but also those that are big and coarse are capable of maintaining such awareness after the death of their bodies. Yet you should know that coarseness is an obstacle to the true Immortality.

There is a great possibility of achieving this true Immortality when the soul has become great and subtle, similar to the Primordial Consciousness or the Creator! After the death of their bodies, such souls flow into the boundless Ocean of the Subtlest Consciousness and then can emanate from It, coming to the Creation. They are the true Possessors of the Immortality — Immortality obtained in the Mergence with the Creator!

Yes, each one of you, people, can become a master of life and death and grow as a soul up to your new Birth in the Creative Light! Those Who have achieved this and fulfilled Their predestinations in the bodies leave voluntarily these bodies when They consider necessary!

The Great Souls leave Their bodies just so, because They know the purpose of Their lives and the time to go to the Light when They have finished Their Missions on the Earth. In accordance with Their Own Will, which coincides with the Highest Will, They can leave Their bodies. They have power over the death of Their bodies as well as over Their lives.

… However, you can achieve even more! Being the Part of the Dweller of the Depths — you can use your material body as an instrument and focus for His Power.

… Each one of you is the master of your own destiny. You can voluntarily accept or reject the Path towards your Immortality, which is now open to you!

This Path is created to be difficult so that those who are weak and irresolute fall away. That is why, you should not bring to this Path those who are not wise, not clean, or are weak. By this you will cause harm both to you and to them!

There are three obstacles that not everyone can overcome: the first one is the lack of desire to acquire knowledge, the second one is the lack of love for God, and the third one is the inclination to evil.

In spite of everything, the worthy one, who strives for the Light, will overcome the Path, because the Representatives of the Light help such a person! They are the Masters of Life, Who have already achieved the Immortality and demonstrate the perfect Wisdom, comprehensive Love, and united Power!

… This Path to the Perfection is common —from the beginning of time and up to eternity!

Chapter Nine. Key of Fire

The Divine Fire is one of the Manifestations of the Creative Love of the Primordial Consciousness. Subtle and Gentle, It does not burn those who go to the Light, but it is burning for the representatives of darkness.

The Fire cognized in the Depths of one’s own developed spiritual heart merges with the Primordial Fire and becomes One with It!

Those who have cognized this Fire inside them and know that this Fire is One with God’s Flame — they obtain the key of Fire!

This Fire is stronger than all the forces in the universe, because It is the Creative Power!

This Fire also exists in the center of the planet. It shines everywhere in the universe where life is created. Everything manifested appears in It.

The Greatest Souls That represent this Fire are free to be the Living Light on the Earth and, simultaneously, remain in the Unity with the Primordial Consciousness. They may also have material bodies. Such existence can be called Three-Times-Great. The Three-Times-Great are Those Who have obtained all these achievements. Every One of Them is the Guide Who leads embodied people to the Primordial Creative Power!

So attract yourself to this Flame with the magnet of Love!

With the Fire of the Creator, melt everything in yourself that is not identical to this Fire!

And since you are a Part of this United Fire — you should merge with It forever!


It is important to understand that people by themselves construct their future and it is not God Who does it for them.

Yet God actively participates in this process.

In the spiritual heart of every human, God reveals to him or her new prospects, suggests possible actions and rejoices, together with this person, of his or her successful advancement to the Goal. That joy which fills your heart with every new achievement is My joy too.

Let the reader think: “If unlimited possibilities were given to me in the future — what would I want to achieve for my best destiny to be created?”

God is ready to discuss this issue, the issue of the prospects of further development, with each individual.

Evolutionary advancement of humankind on the Earth will be much more successful if humanity is aware of and learns to take into account the Evolution of the whole multidimensional universe, the Absolute. In this case, the vectors of the efforts of people and the vector of the help of God will unite and be turned to the same direction. The effectiveness of the activities of people from such a union will increase many times!

It is clear that this transformation cannot happen quickly. It requires a quite strong foundation, formed by the recognition of this knowledge, at least, by a significant part of humanity.

I planned this book as the help to many people who, after realizing the meaning of their lives, would unite their efforts to revive the Spiritual Civilization on their planet. And I have invited to participate in the work on this book some of My Brothers and Sisters, Who have been working for thousands of years, trying to spiritualize human generations on the Earth.

I speak no more since I have said already all that I wanted.


I am one of the many Atlanteans who continued working on the Earth after the destruction of Atlantis. I am pleased to participate in this book, conceived by Thoth. I really have something to say!

Greece and the surrounding islands in the Mediterranean became the sphere of My activity then. This happened long before the incarnation of Pythagoras. I also took an active part in the preparation of His Mission from My non-incarnate state.

I started My work in Greece long before Atlantis sank into the ocean. It was easy because some of the inhabitants of Atlantis already lived in those lands among locals.

My task was to try to preserve the true knowledge for the worthy sons and daughters of that region.

All that remained in the memory of people living now from My activity of those days are the legends about Orphics. I was the founder and keeper of that center of the Divine Knowledge. I also was the Teacher of Orpheus. (Subsequently, this name became very common and was given to the heroes of Greek myths who had the ability to sing and play music.)

My sermon to people was woven from harmony and beauty, the guides to the worlds of subtlety and the Divine Light. I laid in Greece the foundation of what people began to call the art of music, dance, and sculpture… Through the beauty — I educated people.

I also helped to achieve the Unity with the Creator to those who did not manage to do it in the lands of Atlantis and were reincarnated in Greece almost immediately. For them and for a few others who approached the light of Truth and longed for the Oneness, I created the theological Schools. Those Who passed the higher level of education there could really quiet the storms on the sea by playing the lyre, since They developed the ability to influence the material plane from the Divine Unity. They manifested God’s Might in the form of His Power over the material plane. They taught Love, Beauty, and Harmony to those who aspired to become like Them. Their disciples practiced the refinement of the consciousnesses and the spiritual art and did not try to develop coarse power in themselves.

I was the Teacher of those Teachers.

My Teachings consisted in the development and application of the Great Knowledge about the Creative Power of Love to life.

In this way, I recreated in Greece all the best from the culture of the Atlanteans, hoping to guard it in the memory of peoples of the Earth for centuries.

Heritage of Atlantis in Hellas. Orphic Teachings

Orphic Teachings are one of the branches of the true knowledge in the history of the Earth.

They are about the Oneness of the Whole (the Absolute) and about the Only One Creator of everything “manifested”.

They are about the evolution of the souls and the meaning of human life on the Earth.

They are about the ethical laws that allow a human soul to pass successfully the Great Path from a human being to God, that is, to the state of the Divine Soul, Which has flowed into the Creative Primordial Ocean of Consciousness and can come out of It to the world of the Creation.

They are about the Divine Souls — the Curators of the evolution on the planet.

They are about the multidimensional Absolute.

One should know about Gods. They really exist! They are the Holy Spirits, that is, the Consciousnesses consubstantial with the Creator*.

People and Gods always lived on the Earth in the same space, but this space is multilayered, multidimensional. It is possible to learn to perceive different levels of subtlety. It is like the sea waters, in which fish swim, stones lie on the bottom and the rays of light pass through. Yes, there is a variety of eons in the Absolute: from the solid matter to the subtlest state of the Creator.

The methods of transformation, transmutation of a soul were known always. This is the whole system of methods for the development of consciousnesses that can be most correctly named as Raja Yoga and Buddhi Yoga. The collective practice of those methods was called secret mysteries. During them, the adepts, after mastering the ethical life and stability in love and peace, were taught, among other things, to be free from the flesh of their bodies and to perceive the Divine eons.

Thus, the secret mysteries of Orphics were not a series of rituals but the collective exercises for the transformation and development of consciousnesses. In them, the disciples learned to perceive the multidimensional space and God with the pure soul, that is, without the help of the material senses. Then more and more complex techniques were taught. These techniques allowed the adepts to exit as the consciousness from the body, to refine and grow the consciousness and to master the life in the Divine eons. They were also taught to be the Soul-Light and then the Soul-Fire.

The most successful disciples mastered the existence as the God-man by means of the ability to manifest the Divine Power through their bodies.

All the education was based on the development of love-aspiration for the Creator and for the Superior Freedom of Life of the consciousness in Him.

The stages of the education were the following:

1. Ethical purification.

2. Initial transformation of the energies of the body.

3. Mastering control over the desires of the body and over the emotional states of the consciousness.

4. Exercises for the refinement of the consciousness, which included music, singing, and dancing.

5. Mastering the temporary exits from the body into the eons of Brahman and the Creator.

6. Mastering the growth and dissolution of oneself-consciousness and then the Mergence with the Divine Consciousness.

7. Manifestation of the Supreme Divine states through the body.

And now let the Lamps of the Higher Knowledge — the Lights illuminating the Path and dispersing the darkness — start burning again for people who are seriously — and not just for fun — interested in the science of the transformation of the souls into Light!

Lamp One: There Is One God — the Creator of Everything Existing in the “Manifested” Universe

The Creator made the “manifested” world from the “chaos” and ordered it in accordance with the laws of Harmony.

The Creator has power over everything, everyone, everywhere.

He is the Shining Polyonymous Spirit, the One Who contains inside Himself Those Who have reached Him. He is also the Creator and Caring Shepherd of all souls.

All material forms appear from the Great Unmanifested in accordance with the Will of the Creator and then disappear in the Unmanifested.

Orphic hymns dedicated to the Creator sounded like this:

“God is the One Who starts the Creation and the One Who finishes it!!

“God is the Almighty Owner of the Creating Fire!

“God is Powerful, Primordial, and the Most Lucent!

“God is the Living Source for all creatures!

“God is the Foundation of the Earth and of everything on it!

“God is the Father of all people and of all the Immortals!

“God is the Lord and Progenitor of everything!

“God is the Creator of stars, planets, and the whole material universe!

“God is the Light and Source of all that shines!

“God is the Transparency and Clarity behind all the colors of the world!

“God is cognizable but hidden from the corporal sight!

“God is the Everlasting, Glorious, the One Who has Power over everything and everyone!

“God is Omniscient and Omnipresent!

“God is the United Power, the Unity of Multitude!

“God is the All-Creating Power of Love!”

Lamp Two: Humans’ Place between the Creation and the Creator

Each person is inseparable from everything that exists in the infinite multidimensional universe.

Souls put on the covers of dense matter and then take them off. Souls grow during incarnations, climbing the ladder of the Evolution.

A human is the highest stage of the development among souls, for a human is able to achieve the Divine state of consciousness and Immortality in the Creator. A soul obtains the Immortality through the complete fulfillment of its predestination, that is, through becoming identical to the Creator and merging with Him.

Inside an “average” person, there are both animal and Divine elements. The purpose of people is to destroy the inferior properties inside themselves and develop the Divine properties. This is how they enter the Highest Sphere of Life — the Life in the Unity with the Creator.

For this, one should learn, among other things, to perceive and cognize the intangible eons, including the eon of the Creator. This is a reality. Moreover, it is something meant to happen in the development of a soul.

Matter or the material plane is nothing but a “cover” under which the life and development of the Universal Consciousness take place.

So, for the sake of achieving the Liberation of the soul, chained — because of lack of its development — to the prison of the body, you need to begin a process of purification and then of growth and transformation through the development of the Divine properties and qualities in yourself.

Lamp Three: Soul Comes to the Earth Many Times

A soul ascends — by the stages of growth — to the Unity with the Subtlest Light.

Each human soul makes its journey to life on the material plane many times and then returns to the worlds of disembodied life. The existence in the intangible eons allows a mature soul to look back at its past in order to understand the results of its life in the body and start longing to correct its errors. And then a new journey to the world of dense bodies is planned, and its new incarnation takes place.

Most of the embodied souls forget about their lives without bodies. Such is the Intention of God, since the memory about the past mistakes or achievements may be too heavy for the soul. Only the Great Souls know Their past and present, and can see Their possible future.

Just near the Great Threshold, God opens to a worthy soul the knowledge about what was significant in its past incarnations. Then the reunification with Kundalini takes place, and the experience and strength of the past get connected with the present so that the soul can overcome the future steps of development, one of which is the cognition of the Creator and Mergence with Him.

Yet it is necessary for anyone to be aware of the fact that the soul traverses a long way consisting of different incarnations during its evolutionary ascent.

“Wheel of existence”, from birth — to death, from death — to a birth in a new body, is a necessary and inevitable circle. Without the development in the different lives in the bodies, it is not possible to gain Freedom and Perfection.

In the intangible eons of hell and paradise, as well as in the intermediate grayish astral plane — souls live between incarnations.

After the separation from their bodies, marvelous and blissful states of paradise await those who live in accordance with the laws of God, who do only good and are stable in the sublime, gentle, harmonious, joyful and loving states.

On the contrary, hell awaits those vicious people who live in the emotions of anger and hatred. Still this state does not last forever: it is just necessary to help them to recognize evil in themselves and also, perhaps, to persuade them to start a different life in their next incarnations.

The reincarnations of people are controlled by God. The Higher Justice determines what destiny every soul will have in its next incarnation.

The souls do not reincarnate only in the human bodies. Before that, each soul was incarnated in the bodies of the plants and then of the animals. Only after this, it becomes mature enough to be born in a human body.

Everyone should know that before being born as a human, he or she lived in the bodies of the plants and then of the animals. It is important to know this in order to understand the fact that any plant or animal that we see is like a soul-child, growing and maturing to be born then as a human.

Young souls growing in the bodies of plants and animals also pass through their stages of growth and development; that is why, we should treat them with love!

When we need to use plants, we should do it with care and without causing them unnecessary harm!

We should understand that there is a necessity for people who have risen above the level of animals-predators to avoid killing animals and eating their flesh. To follow the principle of the “killing-free” nutrition is one of the essential conditions for a pure and ethical life. All people must know this!

Lamp Four: Ethics is the First Step of Purification

The one who is knocking at the door of Truth, who wants to approach and enter the Temple of the Divine Existence must have the purest ethics.

Ethics were not invented by priests in order to control the crowd. They are the Divine Law that allows one to ascend towards the Light. They are the first stage that cannot be circumvented! A person that has not accepted the ethical laws and has not made them the part of one’s own existence cannot ascend to the Light even if he or she possesses great power…

One of the initial steps in the self-purification is to accept into one’s own life the “killing-free” nutrition from both ethical and energy standpoints. The one who is able to love will not cause in any way the killing of those who feel intensive pain; this one will not eat the bodies of animals!

The ascetic precepts of Orphics were strict and full of significance:

— The one who has started the Path should fight against evil in oneself!

— Thoughts should be pure! The purity of thoughts is the basis for righteous actions.

— All actions without exception should be righteous!

— Virtue is to do good! Virtue is to serve God through helping people in their progress on the Path to the Light!

— The one who perturbs the harmony brings destruction and death both to oneself and to others.

— To create harmony is to give people love and beauty.

— The brevity of a sage manifests the beauty of calm.

— Heroes are those who overcome in themselves the monsters of hatred, fear, revenge, discords, laziness, and pride!

— The misfortune of people is in their subjection to their flesh. In the narrow limits of the body, a soul can lead only a miserable existence! A soul that lives in the body is always depressed! Even upon the death, such a soul will not become free from this state! The only solution is to aspire for the Divine Perfection first!

— One finds Bliss in the winged ascension of the soul as one realizes in practice the aspiration for the Perfection, for the Mergence with the Light of the Creator!

— The Saint or the Enlightened is the One Who has found the Divine Light and become It, including inside One’s own material body.

Lamp Five: Love is the State of God, So the One Who Walks the Path Approaches the Creator by the Steps of Love

There is a place where God can dwell in a human: it is the heart chakra anahata, the birthplace of the spiritual heart.

The spiritual heart can and should become the abode, the center of the Divinity in everyone. This is where you can start developing love as the state of a soul.

When we work for God — our love-devotion for Him grows.

When we love Him — we approach Him directly.

In the subtlest worlds, there are no distances in the earthly sense; God enters into the life of every soul that loves Him.

The spiritual heart is the source of hesychia, that is, the inner silence. The spiritual heart is also the gate to the Light. When this gate is open — God, Who is Love, fills with His Radiance the silence of such a soul!

Love flows from the spiritual heart of this person and fills the life in and around him or her with the light and peace, harmony and tranquility!

* * *

In the Teachings of Orphics, to open the spiritual heart was important for the creation of a tuning fork for the soul.

The sound of the whole range of positive emotions in the seven-string lyre of the human organism is tuned with the help of the spiritual heart. Seven chakras of the organism may sound harmoniously only if they are in tune with the state of the heart love!

And then by touching one’s own instrument, that is, the body, with the soul-light, one can induce in listeners those emotional states that are transmitted by one as the soul-light. This is the ability to transform the surrounding space, filling it with love and harmony. And the power of this ability will grow with the growth of the soul.

Lamp Six: God-Man — This Is Possible!

An embodied person can become free from the prison of the body and from being chained to the dense matter.

He or she also can start living in the Divine Light, perceiving oneself as lt and acting from It.

However, such Ascent to the Light can be done only if one longs to reach It.

The Totality of the Divine Freedom and Divine Immortality awaits the one who lives impeccably and cognizes the Unity with the Creator!

The purpose of such a person is to be the Messiah, the incarnate Messenger of the Creator, and to carry the Supreme Knowledge to people, as well as to guide the worthy ones so that they can have their new Birth in the Light.

Having the material body, it is also possible to rise to the highest level of the development of the consciousness and become the God-Man, that is, the Part of the Creator. The God-Man can manifest for embodied people not only the Divine Subtlety, Purity, and Wisdom but also the Divine Power! The God-Man is the Messiah.

Lamp Seven: Creativity Is a Way to Transform the Soul into the Creative Flame

A person can approach the state of Divinity through creativity, including in the arts.

Art has a great power of influence.

The one who achieved the Mergence with the United One has the ability to influence other souls with One’s own Fire of the Soul through the art.

To create is very useful for the development of the soul! When a person learns art — be it music, dance, sculpture or something else — he or she masters the skills of a creator and acquires gradually the particles of the qualities of the Creator!

A creative work also gives a great opportunity to learn to love.

And love, in its turn, helps to master the creativity.

What you create without love is a “dead” creation. A soul can truly create only when it burns with love. Such love is called sometimes inspiration.

Only love allows you to understand, learn, and manifest the laws of Harmony.

The inner beauty of an artist and the power of his or her inspiration are not some “gifts from Gods” but the result of the work of the soul on the self-transformation into the Light.

God has created the “manifested” world according to the laws of Beauty. And the beauty of nature proves it! The beauty of the sunrises and sunsets, of the perfection of the flowers and trees, of different animals, of the transparent vastness and depth of the oceans, of the majesty of the mountains and the flow of the rivers are constantly speaking to us about the greatness and beauty of the Creation!

Nevertheless, the beauty of a perfect human soul and body has not been cognized yet (by the majority of contemporary people) as the manifestation of the Great Plan of the Creator.

A human soul has a great possibility to participate in the creative work of God, to create together with Him! This happens when inside the soul the creative flame, lighted from the United Divine Flame, begins to burn. It is possible to do this not only in literature, music, dance, painting, sculpture, and architecture but also in physics, biology, and in the exploration of the principles of interaction between subtle and dense worlds… Thus one can develop the creative aspect of oneself as the consciousness and become more similar to the Creator!


I came to Egypt with Thoth-the-Atlantean. I was among those Atlanteans who had been sent there by the Primordial Consciousness before Atlantis sank into the ocean.

Afterwards, I incarnated there twice.

The higher knowledge was brought to the land of Egypt by great Thoth. I was one of Those Who continued His work. I repeated the Divine Truth to people standing on different levels of the development. I kept the purity of the Supreme Initiations and tried to make the ethical laws accessible and understandable for everyone.

Throughout the ages, people have been seeking the treasures and wisdom of Egypt. They have been looking for material mediums of knowledge, for evidence from the ancient history: papyri, tablets, and mummies. However, there is that Living Knowledge about which the pyramids, tombs, and sphinx are silent, since these material colossi of the ancient world are nothing but the signs proving that the higher knowledge existed in Egypt…

The knowledge that I am talking about did not belong only to ancient Egypt, Greece, and India. It was the universal knowledge about Indivisible God. It was not a discovery or property of some particular nation, state, or civilization. It is one for everything that exists in the universe, and not only for our planet.

During the flourishing of the Atlantean civilization, many embodied people there possessed this great knowledge. In that society, it was possible to explain clearly and precisely to the new generations the laws of the Evolution of the Divine Spirit in the universe.

When Atlantis sank into the ocean, We tried to guard this knowledge in different countries on different continents. We continue to do this right now as well.

Now I will try to remove the “husks” of the myths and legends from that which makes sense to open for modern people, for those of them who want to transform themselves and cognize Indivisible God.

Yes, even now it is possible to get acquainted with what was written thousands of years ago and to hear this directly from Those Who wrote these ancient secret texts. It is so, because the Divine Souls can talk at any time!

So those who are willing to hear, listen! It is time for many people of the Earth to know that which was secret! Now it is time for many of you to wake up from the sleep of ignorance and unawareness!

We do not present this knowledge for the historians but for those who strive to ascend to the Light and to live in the Boundless Existence, being full of the Higher Awareness.

The Path opened by this knowledge consists in the purification of oneself as a soul and the following self-transformation in order to learn to cognize the subtle and subtlest worlds. This work may result in the Mergence with the One Divine Consciousness, called the Creator. This is the Mergence in which the soul does not lose its ability to perceive itself, yet it can do this from the state of total Unity.

Knowledge from the Treasury of Ancient Egypt

Look from the heart, listen from the heart — and you will hear the Voice of God, and you will see the eternally shining “Sun of God”!


God is the Father and Mother of all people. He creates everything with His Power, ensuring the lives of all living beings.

God is One. All the multitude of the Divine Souls speaks in agreement as one Mouth.

God has not left this world: He is here. He continues creating everything by His Will. Nothing exists without Him!

He is like the boundless Ocean of the Living Light or like the infinite Sun*.

Anyone who has seen this Light has touched the Truth.


God is perfect.

But His Perfection is not dead immutability. On the contrary, His Life is continuous development!

God, as the Divine Consciousness, grows absorbing everyone who has achieved Unity with Him!

Everyone can obtain the Divine Perfection, because the One Who created people wishes so!

To become a Perfect Person means to become similar to the Creator and merge with Him.


The Great Primordial Light is like the Air of Freedom. The one who breathes It in knows the Infinity of the Depths!*

Light merges with the Light.

Darkness attracts the darkness…* A person belonging to the darkness runs from the Light…

It is dark in that place where there is not enough Light.

Darkness reigns where the Divine Love is forgotten.

So cognize the Power of the Light!

The choice between darkness and Light is yours. But remember that only the Light is self-existent, while the darkness is just the absence of Light.

Transform yourself into the Person of Truth — and the Light will open Itself to you.

Find Love* in your heart — and you will continue to live in the Light!

The Light can become your Home, but this will be possible only when you transform yourself into Love.

The Sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, but for the one who knows the Creator, the “Sun of God” shines always. Even in the darkness of the night, the Living “Sun of God” shines for the one who knows Him!


A human spiritual heart is the place where two worlds can meet: the material one and the Supreme one.

A human spiritual heart is the gateway to the Heart of God* — to the Creator.

The Universal Flame of Love can unite a human spiritual heart with the Heart of God!

God speaks with those who stay in the silence of the heart. Yet this silence does not only mean that one should stop talking idly. To learn not to talk idly is just the first lesson of silence, while the real silence is cognized in the space inside the developed spiritual heart filled with Love.

… When a soul is in confusion — it becomes obscure and heavy.

When peace reigns inside it — the clarity reigns there as well.

To obtain the clarity and peace of the soul, it is necessary to have pure intentions and thoughts, as well as peace of mind.

To master this peace, one should surrender the mind to the power of the spiritual heart.

The spiritual heart of a person should become subtle and vast like Heaven. Only then this person can become like the Creator and walk through the gate to His Home.

God always comes to the call of those who love Him. Call Him in this way:

“The Master of the world, my heart belongs to You!

“With Your Gifts of Bliss, You satiate and quench the thirst for You!

“You are the Tenderness of Love of the Father and Mother for those who know You in their hearts! On the contrary, those who do not know You remain orphans even if they have their parents…

“Your Name alone is like a gulp of water for the thirsty!

“Come into my heart, I am cleansing and expanding it for You!

“I breathe You in like the Blissful Air of Freedom!”


The commandments of the good must be carved on the tablet of the soul!

Only that person is rich whose wealth consists of a good character and wisdom! This wealth cannot be taken away by a thief, cannot run out in the old age or disappear with the death of the body! These riches grow with good deeds and remain with the soul in the immaterial worlds.

Modesty is one of the best adornments and virtues of a person!

It is not enough only to return good for good. It is necessary to do good always! And it is important to learn to understand what is good for every soul.

Those who cause harm exist in the darkness. Even when everything around is filled with the Light, those whose thoughts are full of anger cannot see It!

Destroy the emotion of anger in yourself! The one who hates brings the destruction to oneself and to others!

Remove evil thoughts from your mind!

Turn away from vicious people!

Avoid evil people but do not feel aversion to them! On the contrary, feel compassion, knowing how hard it will be for them to tilt the balance of their destinies with the acts of goodness…

Do not do those things that are inconsistent with the principle of love! Grow the flowers of love in your heart!

Do not treat any creature carelessly! Everything and everyone are here according to the Will of God! Every creature of His should be respected!

Everyone who wants to help other people to master an ethical way of life should be an example for them!

Whenever you become annoyed by the words of your interlocutor — you break the harmony, including your own.

Look for and correct your own weaknesses so that others do not have to criticize you!

Do not strive to criticize others! It will be very bad for you if you become a constantly irritated person who blames everyone! It is better to strive to see all the qualities of each person and support the best ones of them.


From the union of a man and a woman, a child is born. But what body a soul will obtain is determined by God.

To each new body God sends quite a definite soul. Its destiny exists as an opportunity determined by the characteristics of this soul and its actions in its past lives.

One can change a lot in one’s own destiny, since the destiny is God's plan, devised on the basis of what will be the best for that soul, taking into account its past. Yet one by oneself writes the reality of one’s own destiny every day and right now.

When, if not right now, should you decide to start transforming yourself? When on the sky of your life the sunset comes close, you may not have enough time to do that which is most important!

Do not waste your time! This time of your life will never repeat! Each moment of your life has a purpose, and if you do not fulfill it, you leave your body being a debtor! Thus you accumulate in your destiny the debts of those things that should have been done, but they were not…

That which you call misfortune or fortune in your life is nothing but the consequences of your past.

If someone’s evil deed has not received the retribution, and someone’s good deed the award, do not think that God is blind! Everyone will reap the fruits of his or her actions in a certain time! Nothing remains unnoticed by God!

The evil will not touch the one who fulfills one’s purpose and who is a pure soul now and was like this in the past. Troubles will leave alone and will not chase that persistent traveler who strives for the Light!

The judgment of the soul is the examination of its life by God Who weighs on the scales of Justice all its good and evil acts. Thus the summary of the life of the soul on the Earth is obtained.

Everyone alone is responsible for himself or herself before the Face of God.

Disembodiment is not the death of a being, but the transition to a different life, to a different way of existence of the soul.

And it is possible to live the life on the Earth so that this transition will lead to the continuation of the life in the Light!


The first step to wisdom is the desire to cognize.

Vicious and yet undeveloped souls are indifferent to the knowledge. They live and die without ever awaking to a conscious life.

Knowledge is necessary for the development of wisdom in the soul. It is good to have diverse knowledge.

However, do not become proud of yourself for knowing a lot! Take into account the fact that you have become mature thanks to the knowledge obtained by others. Think back and see that your present knowledge does not belong only to you but to everyone. Give it to people, helping them by this!

Wisdom grows little by little.

As you develop yourself, you can touch deeper and deeper layers of knowledge and use it, manifesting greater and greater wisdom.

Wisdom is not given to you as a gift, but it is gained through your experience of learning and loving.

Wisdom can be obtained only by those who illuminate the accumulated knowledge with their heart love. It is so, because not the mind but the spiritual heart is the essence of every human.

Laziness leads to the destruction of your life power. Idleness will not bring you Freedom. It cannot give happiness to the soul but only fetters it with the chains of boredom… Your life power can be wasted if you do not know for what you live on the Earth…

You should learn to distinguish what is necessary, useless, and harmful in your life.

You can gain Freedom only through great work! You should always continue the work of God! You should work every day, creating the beautiful! Wisdom is cultivated through the acts of kindness!

And the success comes to those who know the timeliness of the actions.

The Will of God can be manifested through any person. Yet the one who knows God manifests His Higher Will quite consciously.

Speech should serve to tell the truth. Uttering idle words is a violation of harmony.

The speech full of peace and words of truth is the sign of a sage.

It is more useful to listen than to talk. The one who has learned to listen can develop the ability to hear God. The one who has learned to hear God receives the keys to the cognition of Him.

The one who has learned to hear God can speak from God.

The art of speech may be great! Words can not only carry the knowledge but also open for the listeners the Path to the Light.*

The one who knows the Power of God can put it into words. In this case, the listener who has already cognized the Higher “I” will understand this. The one who is still in ignorance but who is pure will feel the touch of Truth. And the one who gives oneself up to the darkness will run away…


The history of Egypt contained both the light of Truth and the perversions in the form of black magic.

For the soul that has not cleansed itself of vices, the power becomes a crushing burden!

The one who truly wants to get closer to God, to cognize Him, to merge with Him, and to serve Him should have the absolute purity of the soul, including selflessness, love for the Creator and for all living beings in the Creation, as well as the greatest courage and composure.

… In the Egyptian temples of that epoch, the highest methods of the development of consciousness were kept in purity for a long time. It was done to avoid the perversion of this knowledge and its use by wicked people for their selfish and evil purposes. That is why, the spiritual education of higher levels was given to the selected worthy candidates only.

For the rest, the knowledge was transmitted in the form of rituals and symbols so that only the intelligent seekers can decipher it in the future.

Here is an example: a golden collar on the shoulders of the pharaoh. (The pharaohs of that time were, in fact, the Divine Atlanteans, and Egyptians knew this). It was a symbolic representation of one of the highest meditations, in which you perceive the material world as a huge collar, and deeper than it there is your infinite Spiritual Heart, consubstantial with the Heart of the Absolute, from which the pure and tender Flame of the Divine Love of the Creator emanates to the “manifested” world.

… I want to emphasize once again the necessity of taking a very careful approach to the selection of the candidates who want to master the higher practical methods of the development of consciousness! They should be worthy of it!


Pythagoras — Evolution of the Absolute and a Human Being in It

The one who has not felt Living God has not lived as a human yet! The priests in Egypt called those who did not awaken the awareness of a soul “the living dead”. Those people were the slaves of their flesh, while their bodies lived on the Earth.

There are such people now as well…

And they continue similar sluggish lives after the death of their bodies…

But the predestination of every person is to cognize God, to develop the consciousness and to prepare himself or herself for the Mergence with the Divine Consciousness — the Creator, the Greatest Power, Which controls every part of the universe.

The Creator has created life here on the Earth just for this!

And people were created by Him so that every one of them can cognize the subtlest worlds and, refining and developing himself or herself further, become the Particle of the Primordial Consciousness.

The multidimensional universe is like a building consisting of many floors.

The same structure is inherent to a human organism.

And one is able to move inside the space of one’s own multidimensional organism with the concentration of oneself as a consciousness.

When the soul grows and develops itself consciously — it uses those “floors” for the cognition of the Whole. When a human organism is filled with supreme subtlety and power, such a person can permeate the whole multidimensional “building”, act inside it and grow in the subtlest “floors” of it, preparing to manifest the Divinity.

In other words, one can study the nature of the multidimensionality first within oneself and then cognize the Greatness and Beauty of the United Power, Which is present everywhere and governs everything.

Yes, a human contains a small particle of energies of the Absolute in his or her potential and can grow and choose in which energy state he or she wants to be. A human can consciously move from one of those “floors” of the Absolute to another and then cognize the Subtlest: the Creator, Who is the Primordial Basis of the Whole, the Basis living under everything in the depths of the multidimensional space.

This is how one develops oneself as a soul and determines the “floor” in which one will live in the future.

How does this happen?

ATTRACTION is the law of the Evolution that allows, among other things, the identical consciousnesses to merge one with another.

Every soul moves and lives, placing itself in the Light, darkness, or semidarkness. That state in which a soul is accustomed to abiding determines its eon-“floor” of the multidimensional universe.

And if you are filled with coarse emotions, it is as if a transparent vessel is filled with a heavy and obscure state: the soul has become heavy, coarse, and is attracted to that “floor” where everything is filled with the same state of consciousness.

But if tenderness and love shine in the soul — this brings it closer to the subtle and Divine worlds.

A human, as a soul, can develop the habit of living on a certain “floor” and will grow as the consciousness on that “floor”, whether it be hell, paradise, or the Abode of the Creator.

So, the possibility to live and grow on any of these “floors” is laid by the Creator in the soul.

Understand, oh people, that the cause of the Omnipresence and Omniscience of the Holy Spirit and the Creator is that They are everywhere and always!

God is here and now.

And He was and will be in the eternal length of time!

God is everywhere in the endless Creation: He — the Infinite Ocean of the Subtlest Consciousness-Light — is under every atom!

He is also present where you are now! His Boundless Ocean is always under every atom of your body!

Oh people, cognize His Omniscience and Omnipresence!

However, only that one can be allowed to enter the Abode of the Creator who strives to achieve this Mergence with all the soul and has developed oneself to a necessary degree.

A door to the Abode of the Creator is within you: in your subtle spiritual heart, full of Love and Light. Here that passage opens which connects the world of people with the Primordial world.

There, in the Vastness of the Light of the Creator, you can contemplate and cognize His Presence, merge with Him in the Embraces of Love and transform yourself into the Messenger of the Creator.

… From the transparent subtlety, from the depth, other “floors” of space are seen.

On the contrary, from the dirty, obscure and coarse “floors” — the subtle is invisible, imperceptible.

… These structures of an organism which allow one to cognize the universe inside oneself are given only to a human during his or her incarnations! The soul born in an animal body does not have all these possibilities for its development.

So, having received the right to be incarnated in a human body, people should not seek the life typical of animals!

Elisabeth Haich — On the Importance of Spiritual Knowledge

With humility and deep gratitude, I accept the invitation of Thoth-the-Atlantean to participate in this book.

I also incarnated in Atlantis, but that incarnation was not significant: that time I still was too unready to accept the higher knowledge. Therefore, I have the right to consider Myself only a “former Atlantean” but not a Divine Atlantean…

I could reach the Light later, in the incarnation in ancient Egypt. Then I became a daughter of a real Divine Atlantean and Egyptian.

Later on I described that one and My next incarnations in My autobiographical book “Initiation”.

The last one of those incarnations took place in Europe in the 20th century. Then I dedicated Myself to preaching the higher knowledge of Atlantis to people of the modern world. I wanted to transmit this knowledge in a simple language, understandable to many. I spoke and continue speaking now about its universal character, and not only for all people of the Earth but for the entire universe.

* * *

I would like to begin with a few words about good and evil. Many people believe that the existence of evil in the world is the injustice that denies the existence of God! However, it is not so!

A choice between good and evil is a personal choice of the direction of life made by every person. And every person makes such a choice not only once in his or her life but every day, every hour.

Consciously or not, every person by himself or herself makes decisions, choosing the direction of his or her movement: to the Creator or away from Him. God does not compel anyone in such cases!

… The existence of the “manifested” world is based on the existence of the multidimensional structure of the Absolute. The Creation was manifested through the condensation of the Part of the Absolute by the Creator.

Yes, in the Absolute there is the subtlest Part — the United Primordial Consciousness, the Creator — and there is also the dense part — the matter.

And the existence of a dense stone in the Absolute is not evil! This stone is only an element of the material plane, created by the Creator.

That which is dense is also a part of the Absolute, a very low part, but it serves as a carrier for evolving life in the Creation. This is the fundamental meaning of existence of that which is dense!

Diverse representatives of the human filth also play their role in the universal process of the Evolution. I will not go into greater detail about this topic now, since Vladimir Antonov has written enough about this in his books.

I will better speak in this regard about another issue: a human soul must not become as dense as the matter! Unfortunately, this is what is happening now with a lot of people who consider themselves as nothing more than material bodies! And this leads to the coarsening of the consciousnesses, to the evolutionary decline, and to the movement — from an evolutionary standpoint — to the opposite direction with respect to God!

* * *

Plants and animals occupy their stages in the evolution of the souls. But man should not live the life of a plant or an animal, since the possibilities that he or she obtains thanks to the incarnation in a human body allow him or her to keep a much higher level of life!

Everyone who has received a human body at birth should strive to be worthy of being called human!

A human body is a unique structure that allows covering the distance between the state of “an ordinary person” and the state of God.

All high levels of the evolution of consciousness — up to the Mergence with the Creator — can be reached only in a human body!

It is really possible to cognize God and become merged with Him in all His Manifestations! A large number of Heroes have traversed this Path and proved with Their lives that it is possible!

* * *

As the soul grows in the process of its evolution, the important questions arise before it from a certain stage of its development. Then a person needs to realize what is he or she as a human and what is the meaning of life? “Who am I? Why am I here? What should I do?” — these are the questions that will inevitably arise before the soul that has become mature enough to think on this issue.

The true theoretical knowledge about God, man, and the meaning of our lives on the Earth can help such a person to understand it. Moreover, the sooner he or she will do this, the better! Let this knowledge be included in the educational curricula! It would be easy to design them on the basis of this and other similar books!

Later on, after becoming an adult, let everyone — through his or her own efforts on the spiritual development — start perceiving himself or herself as an evolving soul (and not just accept this truth with the mind).

A person should also analyze his or her qualities of the soul. Having comprehended how he or she is now, this person can start wishing to change, as he or she continues obtaining corresponding spiritual knowledge.

After all, the final predestination of man is to become the Supreme “I”, the United “We”, and he or she can achieve this through merging with the United Divine Consciousness!

Let Me explain: God — in the aspect of the Creator — is both One and Plural. He is the Totality of All Those Who have cognized Him. They exist in a single Abode — the primordial subtlest layer of the multidimensional space.

… This Path of self-transformation is long. On it, a traveler needs to cognize the laws of ethical purity and then make them “germinate” in his or her life, to expand and develop the spiritual heart, to learn to live inside it constantly, to master the control over the states of the consciousness and to do many other things.

The soul that on this Path has transformed itself into the great spiritual heart will continue its life under the direct Divine Guidance.

From some level of development, the time comes for a successfully evolving person to reunite with Kundalini. Through this, such a soul can unite all the best that was accumulated by it in its previous incarnations with that part of the consciousness which was incarnated in and fixed with a current body.

When you are working with Kundalini, you can, among other things, see both your past and your future in the stream of the Consciousness-Light flowing through your body. Besides, you can see the tasks that you need to fulfill and the possible situations that can help you to do this.

The experience of “awakening”, “unpacking” and directing Kundalini through the body is a very significant step on the spiritual Path. Through this, the spiritual seekers can, among other things, experience — for the first time and quite vividly — the mergence with their own Atmic energy. It gives them a reference subtle state in which they should learn to live. This is the subtlety inherent to the Creator.

Nevertheless, from the cognition of this manifestation of Atman to the Mergence with the Creator there is still a long Path. What allows the seekers to move forward? It is an undying aspiration to achieve the Unity in Love with Him — the Main Beloved and also the special meditative methods that provide the further development of the consciousness and ability to merge with another consciousness.

This stage of work cannot be considered completed until the Unity with the Creator becomes a natural state. Then the following steps of the self-development are revealed to the seeker…

* * *

There is an Indian word parampara. It means continuous direct sequence of transmission of knowledge from the embodied teachers to their embodied disciples in a particular spiritual school.

But the direct transmission of knowledge from non-incarnate or incarnate Divine Teachers to Their spiritual children, their successors, exists always. The Everlasting Teachings of God are revived again and again each time when every next successive soul develops itself to the Mergence with the Creator and then brings from Him the knowledge about God and the Path to Him to people. What was done by Vladimir Antonov is such a revival and disclosure for people of present time of the Universal Teachings of God.

Vladimir Antonov — Articles and Lectures

On Yoga

The word Yoga means Mergence of an individual human consciousness (soul) with the Primordial Consciousness (Which is also called the Creator, God-the-Father, Adibuddha, Tao, Allah, Ishvara, Svarog, and with other names from different human languages).

The Path to this Highest Goal and concrete steps and variations of advancement along this Path are also denoted by the word yoga.

This term is identical to the Latin word religion.

Among the directions of yoga, there are the following:

— Jnani Yoga — the Yoga of wisdom: the study of the nature of existence and the theory of the spiritual growth;

— Karma Yoga — the Yoga of right actions: the dedication of your activity to God, to the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, which takes place including in the individual souls of embodied people; selfish motivation during this activity must be absent;

— Jala Yoga — the practice of ethically, biochemically, and bioenergetically optimal nutrition; it is important, in the first place, because for the successful spiritual growth, we need healthy bodies, and, in the second place, because the consciousness grows using the energy that the organism obtains from food; it happens thanks to the processes of the sublimation of food into energy inside the body; of course, one should grow as the consciousness using the subtle energy and not the coarse one, which separate us from the Primordial Consciousness; the use of alcohol, nicotine, and other psychedelics harmful for the health of the body and consciousness is inadmissible;

— Agni Yoga — the Teachings given to people through Helena Roerich by the Divine Teachers; they contain a powerful call to people to begin the spiritual search and spiritual self-development, to seek the guidance of the Divine Teachers — the Highest Spiritual Hierarchs — and the Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness; however, the concrete methodology of achieving this was not described by Helena Roerich: she was not interested in such methods;

— Bhakti Yoga — diverse methods that help to form the emotional love for the Creator in a seeker; Bhakti Yoga includes ritual forms of worship; however, we should understand that the realization of the goals of this Yoga is not possible without the development of the organ of emotional love, i.e. the spiritual heart; we also need to understand that in order to learn to love the Creator, we should learn to love His Creation first;

— Kriya Yoga — the path of ethical and energetical purification of oneself; on this path, one can “wash away” from oneself — with the help of meditative methods — everything non-highest, everything that veils the Sublime and Deepest Divine Essence of man (the Atman or Higher “I”); the term Kriya Yoga was introduced by Great Divine Babaji; then Kriya Yoga was spread by Mahasai, Yukteshwar, Yogananda, and now — by us; it is important to emphasize that full realization of the programs of Bhakti Yoga and Kriya Yoga is preached now by the Avatar of our time Sathya Sai Baba.

Laya Yoga is actually the same as Kriya Yoga; laya means “dissolution”: dissolution of the individual “I” or individual consciousness in the United “I” of the Creator and Absolute; the emphasis here is placed on the development of oneself as a spiritual heart, on the purification of the body, mind, and consciousness, on the feeling of the Harmony, Love, Subtlety, and Infinity of the Divine Consciousness, on the awareness of Its Guidance, and then on the Mergence with It; in this case, the lower “i” is substituted with the Higher “I”.

So, on the spiritual Path there are three important directions of human development: intellectual, ethical, and psycho-energetical.

The last one can be subdivided into the following three main stages:

— Hatha Yoga — a preparatory stage that includes the initial methods of making the body healthy, mastering the concentration of attention and the preparation of the energy structures of the body for further important stages of work;

— Raja Yoga — its methods allow one to completely cleanse the systems of chakras and main meridians of the organism; they also help to achieve purity and harmony within the entire energy cocoon that surrounds a human body;

— Buddhi Yoga — a system of methods for meditative self-development outside the body and cocoon; it allows one to realize fully the Highest Goal: the cognition of God in all His Manifestations and Mergence with Him.

* * *

All people differ among themselves by the following main criteria:

a) the psychogenetic age — the full age of a soul as the sum of all its human incarnations, and

b) the ontogenetic age — the age in a current incarnation that determines to a significant degree one’s capability of assimilating adequately the incoming information.

Depending on this, everyone who wants to follow the spiritual Path can choose for himself or herself the methods of the spiritual development that are the most adequate for the current moment.

And only to those who have mastered the ethical and intellectual components of the spiritual Path, it would be appropriate to begin to work with the psycho-energetic transformation of oneself. It is worth mentioning that people who have not passed completely to the ethically correct nutrition, i.e. the one that does not contain at all the products made of meat or fish, should not try to master the methods of Hatha Yoga and, especially, of Raja Yoga and Buddhi Yoga. Otherwise, the coarsening of the consciousness takes place; this leads them not to the Primordial Consciousness but in the opposite direction.

Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita said the following about the choice of the adequate methods of development for oneself:

12:8. Direct your thoughts to Me, submerge yourself as a consciousness into Me — verily, then you will live in Me.

12:9. But if you are not able to fix your thoughts steadily on Me — try to reach Me by practicing the exercises of Yoga…

12:10. If you are not capable of doing Yoga exercises constantly, then dedicate yourself to serving Me, performing only those actions that are needful to Me — and you will reach the Perfection.

12:11. If you cannot do even this, then seek Mergence with Me by renouncing the personal profit of your activity; restrain yourself in this way.

* * *

In conclusion, let us point out the main milestones of the higher stages of Yoga, i.e. of Raja Yoga and Buddhi Yoga. And let us pay attention to the full correspondence of the above said with the Teachings of the Divine Masters: Thoth-the-Atlantean, Pythagoras, Krishna, Jesus Christ, Babaji, Sathya Sai Baba, and Others.

Main Milestones of Raja Yoga

1. Mastering the relaxation of the body, mind, and consciousness.

2. Psycho-physical exercises, which lay the foundation for the correct development of the emotional sphere.

3. Cleansing and development of the chakras. The priority in this work has to be given to the “opening” and development of the chakra anahata — the initial container of the spiritual heart.

4. Work on cleansing and development of main meridians (middle meridian, sushumna, vajrini, chitrini, front meridian, microcosmic orbit), cleansing of a partition between sushumna and a middle meridian.

5. Cleansing the energy cocoon surrounding the body.

6. The refinement of the consciousness through the methods of art, among others.

7. On the basis of all this, the mastering of the psychical self-regulation that contributes to the practical realization of the ethical principles suggested to us by God.

Main Milestones of Buddhi Yoga

Remark: in Buddhi Yoga, the work is carried out on corresponding natural landscapes, including the places of power.

1. The expansion of the spiritual heart. The development of its arms.

2. Mastering the Mergence with the Holy Spirits in the meditation Pranava.

3. Mastering the state of “non-I” in the Divine spatial dimensions (Nirodhi).

4. Mastering hesychia — inner silence.

5. Strengthening the “power center” of the organism (forming the hara — a unit consisting of the chakras of the lower dantian; mastering the methods for its further development).

6. The meditation Volcano. The acquaintance with the Divine Fire; the purification of the body with the help of this Fire.

7. The acquaintance with the Manifestations of the Divine Teachers in the form of Mahadoubles. Communication and Mergence with Them.

8. “Unpacking” of the Kundalini.

9. The formation of Dharmakayas.

10. Practical study of the structure of the Absolute. The meditation NAM.

11. The formation of one’s own Mahadoubles.

12. The meditations Wall, Pyramid, and Temple.

13. Work with the “segments”.

14. Mastering Paramatman.

15. The development of the ability to enter the state of the Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness in Its Abode and to come out from It into the Creation with the purpose of helping the incarnate beings.

16. Final purification of the matter of the body with the Divine Fire.

* * *

God calls this Path, laid and thoroughly studied by us under His direct guidance, the Divine Way of the Spiritual Heart or the Straight Path.

One can advance on it even further…

Faith — and Knowledge

The foundation of faith is our trust in what we heard or read. This concerns the religious subjects as well.

As for knowledge, it is acquired, first of all, through one’s own practical experience.

There are many different kinds of religious faith.

On the contrary, religious knowledge is one and universal, although there are different levels, more or less profound, of this knowledge, and there can be errors of particular spiritual seekers.

The personal cognition of oneself and of God is what allows an intellectually developed person to obtain the high and highest spiritual achievements.

* * *

Faith is needed for many people on the early stages of their spiritual development, because it lays down the foundations for their aspiration to the cognition.

Church ritualism is the most common socially-established form that helps to acquire and strengthen faith. The religious rituals can be more or less reasonable and effective. Some rituals can help one feel the presence of God. Others, on the contrary, can be regarded as felonious; such are, for example, those related to the bloody sacrifices or aimed at harming other people (the rituals of black magic).

Besides, one should take into account that on the background of ritualism, some kind of ideology, peculiar to this religious movement, is always offered to the believers. This ideology can vary from the true Teachings of God to a hatred towards humankind, robed in a religious form.

But even in the case of the best religious rituals, at some stage of self-development, one begins to understand that God has never taught people ritualism! It is people who invented rituals and imparted them to the next generations!

Moreover, God does not need our rituals! He needs from us something completely different: He needs that we develop ourselves (as souls)! And the “daily bread” that Jesus suggested to ask from God-the-Father is not the food for our bodies but the higher spiritual knowledge and spiritual guidance from the Creator!

* * *

Let every reasonable person think and ask himself or herself the following questions: What does God want from me? What does He want me to be?

Jesus said: “Be perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect!” (Matt 5:48).

He also said: “I have cognized the Father” (John 17:25). “As the Father knows Me, so I know the Father” (John 10:15). “I and the Father are One” (John 10:30). So, “Learn (this) from Me!” (Matt 11:29).

What does the Perfection of the Creator consist in?

In order to find the answer to this question, it is necessary, first of all, to understand that God-the-Father is not an old man riding a cloud, as He is depicted sometimes. He is the infinite Ocean of the subtlest Consciousness abiding in the multidimensional depth of the universe.

He is also the absolute Love, Wisdom, and Power.

It is what we should learn from Him! And we should ask Him to help us, first and foremost, with the fulfillment of this task!

* * *

One should begin this process of learning from God by studying the ethical principles suggested by Him in order to change oneself in accordance with His Will.

It is also important to understand what God, man, the meaning of human life on the Earth, and the principles of its realization are.

After this, one can use the methods for cleansing the body and its energy structures from energy contamination and begin to work on the “opening” and further development of the spiritual heart. The last one allows worthy spiritual seekers to fulfill the above-mentioned commandments of Jesus Christ.

Love the Lord, Your God!... Love Your Neighbor!…

“Love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all the soul, and with all your strength!” (Deut 6:5), “… Love your neighbor as you love yourself!…” (Lev 19:18) — these are two statements from the Bible made by Hebrew prophets and repeated by Jesus Christ as the most important commandments from God for Hebrews at those ancient times (Matt 22:37-39; Mark 12:30-31; Luke 10:27).

Yet so few people are capable of understanding what these commandments mean, to say nothing of fulfilling them!

… I am recalling now how I once addressed a seemingly good young man who exhibited his love for nature…

… And love for nature is very important on the Path of the spiritual development, since without developed love for the Creation, one cannot fall in love with the Creator and come closer to Him by the state of the soul! All other variants of “love for God” are nothing but self-deception or deception! The Creator does not accept “love” for Him from a person who does not love His Creation!

… I suggested to that man to become acquainted with our materials on ecopsychology — the branch of science that allows one to advance significantly to the practical realization of the above-mentioned fundamental commandments of God.

But the man replied: “Thank you, but no. I have the Bible!…”

… A reasonable person studies the commandments of God and makes efforts to transform oneself in accordance with them. An unreasonable one only worships the books where these commandments are written…

A reasonable person understands love for God as, among other things, the realization of His Instructions that recommend us to spiritualize ourselves, service God and aspire to become closer to Him — our Highest Beloved — through the cognition of Him and Mergence with Him in the Embrace of Love! And this is what a reasonable person tries to do, whereas an unreasonable one… just begs from Him, and having fallen into the trap of some sect, begins to hate everyone who thinks and speaks in a manner that is different from the ways that are customary within that sect…

… A small unreasonable person is not capable of embracing with the mind all the greatness of the multidimensional universe: this person thinks in much smaller scales. Words and thoughts about invisible (for him or her) God frighten this person, and he or she begins to fantasize and create fairy images of fictitious “gods” and other forces, which could be evil, harmful, and punitive or, on the other hand, kind and protective… In this way, primitive “pagan” (i.e. “folk”, “popular”) variations of faith are created…

On the contrary, a reasonable person, who is aware that the universe is infinite, knows that the Creator is not an invisible flying old man or some other being. He is the Living Ocean of the Subtlest Consciousness That dwells in the primordial depth of the multidimensional space and is in the process of His unceasing development. He is One for all people incarnated by Him on the Earth and for all other forms of incarnate and non-incarnate life in the entire cosmic space. And the laws, the principles of existence suggested by Him for all people are the same for everyone.

By the way, no “dark forces” can compete with Him in power, for He is Omnipotent!

Yes, the struggle between “light and darkness” indeed takes place or can take place, first, inside ourselves (it is our struggle with our vices) and, second, outside us but under His full control and for our sake (those are the lessons with the participation of incarnate or non-incarnate evil beings, lessons that are given to us by Him — our Highest Teacher).

In order to help us withstand this struggle and develop ourselves further, the Creator gave us His Teachings that are the same throughout the entire universe. He has imparted these Teachings many times to people of the Earth in different epochs of the development of humankind in different historical formations; therefore, they had different emphases. Everyone can become acquainted with these Teachings integrated by us in the book [3] and in our other books and lectures.

However, people also created the sectarian religious associations based on concepts that are either absurd or represent different deviations from the Teachings of God, including their intentional or unintentional perversions. Such examples are satanic sects where their members seek the protection of non-incarnate forces of evil and strive quite consciously to serve them; there are also sects where the members believe in “national gods” and the associations that use false ritualism instead of studying the Teachings of God and mastering the methods of self-transformation in accordance with these Teachings. Besides, there are sects whose main pivots of belief are terror against “infidels” and the preaching of drug consumption and suicide…

It can be expected that reasonable people make out all this and understand, among other things, how absurd it is to chant prayers endlessly and do various “religious” bodily movements. By the way, God has never taught such things to people! And let us understand that He does not need this! He needs from us a completely different thing: He needs that we aspire to the Perfection — I mean the commandment of Jesus Christ: “Be perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect!” (Matt 5:48).

He is directly interested in our spiritual Perfection. Those who have achieved a comparable to Him level of the development of Love, Wisdom, and Power, as well as the necessary subtlety of the consciousnesses, flow into Him and thus enrich Him with themselves.* So what do the prayers* and different “religious” bodily movements have to do with all this? They do not make people better!

The Path to the Perfection is a completely different thing: it is the development of oneself in the four parameters listed above! Only this will be the true participation in religion (contrary to what so many people think)!

We discussed in detail the subject of the methodology of spiritual development in many publications [1-3, etc.] and films*. Among other things, we made for the first time a thematic analysis of the Teachings of Jesus Christ (with the use of the materials of the Apocryphal Gospels) [1-2]. So, now we are not going to repeat many other essential commandments that Jesus gave us for the sake of our advancement to the Perfection. Instead of this, here it makes sense to talk more about the two commandments of God mentioned at the beginning of this article.

So, how can one really fall in love with the Creator with all the heart, with all the soul, and with all one’s strength? And how can one learn to love other people as one loves oneself?

* * *

And what is the heart in the context of spiritual subjects?

Some people try to find the spiritual heart in the material heart.

Others fantasize that since the material heart is located in the left part of the chest, then the spiritual heart has to be located in the right part.

Others understand the spiritual heart not as a structure but as an aggregate of all human emotions. They interpret the statement “to live by the heart” simply as to live without trying to control and regulate with the mind and will one’s own emotions of sexual passions, of jealousy, of envy, of hatred, etc. This understanding was adopted by the literary “classics” of the “soviet” historical period of Russia, and many generations of schoolchildren who studied this literature were raised on this false idea… And the majority of the adult population of our country also continues to think in the same way at present…

But, in fact, the spiritual heart is a real bioenergetical structure presented — at least in its embryo form capable of development — in every person (as it is present in all highly developed species of animals: mammals, birds). Initially, it is located in the chakra anahata, i.e. in the chest where the lungs are. This is the chakra* where the spiritual heart can begin to develop, and then from this chakra it grows outside the material body. The spiritual heart is fundamentally important on the spiritual Path since it generates the emotions of heart love, while other states are generated in other chakras.

Nevertheless, for this, proper conditions have to be created there. A natural growth of the spiritual heart takes place in the situations that provoke us to feel bright emotions of love — love for a beloved person on the background of sexual relations, love for children, love for gentle animals, love for tender beauty of nature or for suitable works of art of different genres, etc. That is why, all this is extremely important for our spiritual development!

There are also special methods that accelerate the growth of the spiritual heart. These are, first of all, the psychophysical exercises. Then one can practice the meditations on the special places of power, then master the direct communication with the Representatives of the Creator or Holy Spirits and start learning directly from Them, harmonizing oneself with Them and merging with Them [2]. As a result of this work, a spiritual practitioner who has been making such efforts for several years turns into a giant and Divinely subtle spiritual heart, which is infinitely larger than his or her material body.

Only after becoming such a giant and subtle Consciousness (Soul) consisting, principally, of the developed to the Divine level spiritual heart — this person gains the ability to interact easily with Holy Spirits and the Creator in His Abode. Then Mergence with the Creator follows. The further activity in the Creation dedicated to helping incarnate beings is realized by such a Person from the state of Coessentiality with the Creator.

Suitable methods for the development of the spiritual heart are described by us in [2] and demonstrated in our films. But it is especially important to take into account that one cannot achieve success in this work without an intellectual correction of one’s own emotional sphere and behavior. In order to destroy in ourselves the false patterns of reaction, we should study again and again the corresponding recommendations of God and use the method of repentance [2]. If we do not do this, we will not be able to pass the trials that our Divine Teachers — Holy Spirits — offer to everyone who walks on the spiritual Path.

… Every one of us should understand also that we are not material bodies. We are consciousnesses (souls). We are incarnated by God into material bodies only for a while — for the sake of our further development. But until we become large and correctly developed consciousnesses, we will not be able to experience fully that we are not identical to our bodies.

… There is a widespread mistake typical of many esotericists, especially of those who try to develop themselves through oriental martial arts. It consists in putting the emphasis on the development of the lower dantian (hara): a complex of three lower chakras. Thus they develop the power aspect of the consciousnesses, but without love and subtlety (the latter qualities are present in such people only in good movies but not in reality).*

The power of the consciousness is needed, but it must be developed after the love aspect is developed, not prior to this. Otherwise, it can be very hard to avoid the growth of ethical vices in oneself and the coarsening of the consciousness, which leads one not to the Abode of the Creator but to the “outer darkness” (in terms of Jesus Christ), i.e. to hell.

The power aspect of a correctly developing soul is its unshakable power of love directed to the Creator. This power allows one to cast off all attachments to the earthly, overcome all outer obstacles on the Path to the Highest Goal, and perform effectively the service to God, manifested in the spiritual service to people.

* * *

Let us examine the subject of service to God in more detail. We have already discussed that the Universal Consciousness evolves unceasingly. This constitutes Its Life and this is what It is interested in. For the sake of this, It has included us — souls incarnated by It into material bodies — in the process of Its evolutionary development. Therefore, the more intensively we develop ourselves, the better it is for the Universal Consciousness. This means that the highest form of service to God is an effective help to people in their spiritual development.

For a person who is progressing spiritually, it is very important to learn to live experiencing himself or herself as an integral part of the Undivided Evolutionary Flow of the Universal Consciousness.

In this case, it is not I who develop myself — but it is we, united, who develop ourselves, we as the whole entirety of the souls that go to the Creator. In this way, a feeling of coessentiality with all of them and then with the Goal, Which we walk to, arises. This, in particular, allows one to get rid of one’s egocentric “I” and develop complete and sincere selflessness in the work of helping others who are also walking this Path.

Besides, in this case, I cannot have even a fleeting thought that someone else outdoes me or excels me in something — and, therefore, I have to stop this person… On the contrary, if in this Flow someone moves faster than I — I help him or her to move even faster!

I cannot even think about taking something away from others: I and we are merged; we are I

The coessentiality of the souls merged together in this common Evolutionary Flow is represented in the second Biblical commandment mentioned by us.

The Most Important in Our Lives

What — objectively — is most important in the life of every person on the Earth? It is the understanding, from the philosophical standpoint, of the meaning of one’s own life and the ways of its realization. Without knowing this fundamental aspect of our existence, one cannot form a correct worldview and, therefore, plan strategically one’s own life! Even a correct choice in every ethically significant situation depends on the understanding of the structure of the universe and of the reasons for our existence in it and our tasks in it — both in the aspect of personal development and in relation to one’s own role in the life of the society.

If all people had this knowledge, their life would be much more harmonious, in both the personal and social aspects. It would reduce significantly a number of selfish and aggressive actions, as well as the cases of drug addiction; the health of people would be much better! And the destinies of many nations and countries would change significantly: these destinies, too, depend on the attitude of the Creator towards the ethics of nations on our planet.

One could expect to find clear answers and explanations on this subject in mass religious movements, but this is not the case. And without such basic knowledge, religious views unavoidably become deficient and even wrong!

What kind of help can the followers of such religious movements receive from their “pastors”? Are these people just entrapped by their “teachers”, who are selfish and lying or simply intellectually undeveloped?

Everyone can ask himself or herself now: do the leaders of my religious organization possess such knowledge? And some people may realize that they belong to a sect, i.e. to a religious association whose views separated and deviated from the truth…

In such sects, “pastors” give various absurd answers to the question discussed here.

For example, they can answer evasively, but with authoritative voices, that God will judge us according to our deeds: He will send some of us to paradise and others to hell. But let us think: does it make sense to create the entire material world and all people for the sake of such a meaningless goal? Why would He need this?

They may also say that we, people, are not supposed to know what God alone can know…

In literature, there is an opinion that the Creator was bored being alone… And thus, out of boredom, He decided to amuse Himself in this way… The author of this idea — in general, a reasonable man — unfortunately knew nothing about the Creator…

… Yet there is a true answer to this question. The Creator Himself gave it through His Messengers-Messiahs sent to the Earth.

The answer consists in the following: The infinite in space and time Universal Consciousness, Which abides in the subtlest stratum (spatial dimension, eon, loka) of the multidimensional universe and is called the Creator, God-the-Father, the Primordial Consciousness, and by other different names in different human languages — this Consciousness constantly develops, that is, evolves. And we, souls (individual consciousnesses) incarnated in material bodies, have to be the main elements of this Evolutionary Process. Namely, we, fulfilling the Will of the Creator, given to us, in particular, through the commandments of Jesus Christ, have to strive to become perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect (Matt 5:48). If we fulfill this — with His help and due to our own efforts — we flow into Him enriching Him with ourselves. It is thanks to this absorption of individual human consciousnesses, which achieved the Perfection, that His Evolution goes on!

This is why, He is interested in the spiritual growth of every one of us. This is why, He treats us as His Children.

And the wellbeing of every one of us depends, first of all, on our love for Him. This love has to be manifested both in the emotions of love directed to Him and in our efforts on self-development and service to Him.

Thus it should be clear that a real service to God consists not in reading prayers and doing certain bodily movements, but it consists in helping other incarnate beings in their advancement towards our common Goal. “Help everyone in everything good!” — let this motto become a credo (main principle of life) for every one of us!

This subject is described in detail in our books and educational films that are presented on our web sites. The author of this article dedicated decades of his life as a scientist-biologist to studying this problem and extended the biological research to the non-incarnate forms of life. His work and the work of his colleagues resulted in the creation of a comprehensive picture of the structure of the multidimensional Absolute, in understanding the essence of God, man, and other beings, and also in the description of methods for the cognition of the Creator. Thus a new branch of modern science was born — methodology of spiritual development. This branch includes general theoretical knowledge, principles of ethical self-correction, a system of psychical self-regulation, and further stages of development of consciousness through meditative training.

Today you can use this knowledge — as much as you consider it necessary on the current stage of your life.

And help others in this!

Buddhi Yoga (lecture)

At special places of power like this one, it is very easy to understand what buddhi is by having experienced oneself as a buddhi.

Let me remind you about the meaning of this term. There is the word jiva — and there is the word buddhi (boddhi). What is the difference between them? Both these words can be translated as soul, individual consciousness. Yet jiva is a soul in the usual meaning of this word. Plants, animals, people have jivas. On the contrary, buddhi is the soul that was developed with the help of special methods of spiritual work and that is much larger in size than the material human body.

There is also the term Buddhi-Yoga. It is a system of meditative methods that allow developing oneself as a buddhi.

This is the highest level of the psycho-energetical line of the development of the consciousness on the Path of Yoga.

The term Buddhi Yoga was used for the first time — in the literature known to us — in the Bhagavad Gita. Krishna, among other things, said: “To them — always full of love — I give Buddhi Yoga, by means of which they attain Me. Helping them, I dispel the darkness of ignorance from their Atmans by the radiance of knowledge.” (Bhagavad Gita, chapter 10:10-11).

But the knowledge of this highest level existed on the Earth always — in Atlantis, in ancient China, and in other countries, although it was not available for everyone. The information about this can be found in our book “Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present”.

And who is a Buddha? These words — buddhi and Buddha — have the same origin.

A Buddha is a buddhi developed to full Perfection.

How can one advance to the state of a Buddha with the help of the methods of Buddhi Yoga? And what does a buddhi consist of? How can one grow it?

The basis of buddhi is the developed spiritual heart. It begins to grow — either in favorable conditions of usual sattvic life or with the help of special auxiliary methods of spiritual work — from the chest chakra anahata, and then it becomes much larger than the size of a material body.

Everything valuable that was accumulated by us in other structures of the organism (that is, outside the chakra anahata) also becomes connected with the growing spiritual heart and flows into it; for this purpose, one uses special methods of Buddhi Yoga. The buddhi formed in this way is also called dharmakaya — the body of the Path.

It is important to remember that man is not a material body but a soul, consciousness. The body is just a temporary container of a person, used to pass the current stage of human evolutionary development. So we can be either small souls — or great souls aspiring to the Perfection.

The next large stage of growth of a buddhi is the achievement of subtlety of the same level as the subtlety of the Primordial Consciousness (the Creator, God-the-Father) and strengthening (“crystallization”) of oneself in it. Such Persons are called Mahatmas (Mahaatmas) or Buddhisattvas (Boddhisattvas). The Primordial Consciousness can be seen as the most subtle Pure Light; the qualities of Mahatmas-Buddhisatvas are the same. This is why, They are also called the Enlightened, i.e., Those Who consist of the Divine Light.

But in order to become a Buddha, such a person also has to learn to enter the state of Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness, merging into It and dissolving himself or herself in It. This state is called Nirvana — the state when the lower “i” of man is destroyed, “completely burned”.

* * *

Therefore, the most important directions of Buddhi Yoga are: a) growth of the spiritual heart, b) refinement of the consciousness, and c) mastering the methods of Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness.

Mastering these three directions of work in Buddhi Yoga ensures the ability to enter the state of Nirvana.

Unfortunately, some people misunderstand the term Nirvana. For example, there is an opinion that Nirvana implies full and ultimate disappearance of the individuality. No, this is wrong. It is only the lower “i” dwelling in the head chakra ajna that disappears. Instead of it, one gains the Higher “I” — the “I” of the Primordial Consciousness. And such a Divine Individuality can manifest Itself again in the world of incarnate souls — as a Divine Teacher, a Representative of the Primordial Consciousness.

The above statement is confirmed most brightly by our conversations with the Founder of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha, Who did not disappear from existence: He can be seen, one can embrace Him, communicate with Him and merge with Him. Our conversations with Him, by the way, are published in the book Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present.

* * *

What are the conditions and limitations of our advancement on the Path to the Perfection? And what are other — smaller — steps on it that must be emphasized?

We discussed this in detail in many of our books (in Ecopsychology, first of all), in articles, in films-lectures. Therefore, now I am going only to mention them briefly.

First, a person who wants to walk the spiritual Path has to learn and accept the theory of spiritual development including its basis — the ethics of relations with other people, with all living beings, and with God.

It is also important to know about the Goal of our spiritual efforts; this Goal is God in the Aspect of the Primordial Consciousness, the Creator. Therefore, one has to understand what God is and where one can find Him. If there is no such understanding, then it results in what we can see in many sects and esoteric circles: walking without advancing; Philip the Apostle in His Gospel compared this to an activity of a donkey rotating a millstone — the donkey walked in circles for the whole day, and when the evening came, it found itself in the same place…

Another important thing that we need to understand is that many people, even very good ones, are not capable of comprehending what we discuss here: they are young souls, too young in their evolutionary development. It is too early for them to participate in a serious spiritual work. Let them grow now in a usual worldly activity; let them aspire to enrich themselves with various useful kinds of knowledge, help other people in everything good, strive to avoid making even little harm to others. Also, let them develop the spiritual hearts; this cannot cause any harm to them; on the contrary, they can benefit from it a lot!

No one can be harmed by the development of the spiritual heart. But the benefit might be great!

The next stage, not suitable for everyone, is the use of the methods of Raja Yoga for cleansing and development of the main energy structures of the organism. Thanks to these efforts, one can, among other things, get rid of many chronic diseases. But the most important thing is that without achieving bioenergetical purity in the body, one cannot progress in the task of the refinement of the consciousness. (Quantitative growth of the consciousness, which lives in coarse emotional states, is the path in the direction opposite to the Creator: to hell).

And then the successful spiritual seeker gains the ability to begin quick advancement in the Straight Path towards the Goal. This Path, generally speaking, consists in qualitative and quantitative development of oneself as a spiritual heart — up to, in particular, Mergence with the Heart of the Absolute, Which is the Primordial Consciousness.

And let us try to see that throughout the entire history of humankind on the Earth — God tried to explain to people this very thing. This was taught by the Divine Teachers of Atlantis, by Pythagoras, Huang Di, Lao Tse, Krishna, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Babaji from Haidakhan, Sathya Sai Baba… Yet people invented their own variations of religion and created various sects where the Teachings of God were sometimes perverted up to the opposite…

So let us study and realize what God suggests to us!

The Lower “i” and the Higher “I” (Lecture given at the place of power)

What is “I”? Now it does not matter — what “I”: lower or higher.

“I” is the subject of self-awareness, self-feeling. The feeling of what and of whom? Of oneself as a consciousness, which is a special kind of energy capable of self-awareness.

A consciousness is a soul. And a consciousness is a person himself or herself as well, whereas our bodies are only our temporary homes, whose purpose is to help us in our evolutionary progress.

At times someone asks: “Why is it not possible to evolve without incarnating into these bodies? That would be, probably, much easier!”

But, no. A body with its digestion and other biological processes is, among other things, a converter of energy. It is designed so that the energy from food we eat can be converted into the energy of the consciousness, and this ensures its growth.

And the growth of an individual consciousness is the principal part of the Common Evolutionary Process taking place in the universe.

We should try to perceive ourselves as its participants and see our roles and responsibility before our common Creator for all our decisions and actions.

Where does the consciousness (soul) reside in the body of an “ordinary” person? Most commonly, it resides in the head. And the ajna chakra, located in the center of the head, creates the sense of “I”.

The application of the methods of spiritual work to oneself gives the possibility of rapid qualitative transformation and quantitative growth of the consciousness.

And the consciousness, transformed and grown in this way, soon becomes capable of an existence that is relatively independent from its body and learns to move from one material object to another, as well as inside the intangible spatial dimensions (eons, lokas), thus mastering the entire scale of the multidimensionality of the Absolute.

It is important not only to master this on special places of power like this one, but also to understand theoretically what happens in such cases in order to assimilate this well and avoid different “failures” in the future.

So, let us try the following:

“Now I can perceive myself as my material body.

And then I can perceive myself as the spiritual heart, which also has the arms of consciousness, all over the expanse above the sea, covering in this way a distance of many miles!…”

Then we should understand that if I perceive myself somewhere — it means I am there! I stretch my arms of consciousness to that place, for tens of kilometers, and move myself there (myself as the spiritual heart, which habitually exists between the arms). And if I have done this, it means that now I am the expanded consciousness that exists there. Moreover, I can look from that place in the direction of our bodies standing on the beach. And now let each one of us realize where I am!

It is necessary to accept this fact with the mind: I am in that place where I experience myself! We need to forget that “I am a material body”!

Moreover, to achieve success on the Path of the spiritual development, the material body should be free from all unnecessary bioenergies! It should become completely pure, transparent!

First, we purified the chakras and the meridians of the “microcosmic orbit”, then the middle meridians. Now let us use all other methods known to us of purification. As a result, the body will become transparent and invisible for ourselves…

In whatever eon we would stay — we should not feel the body, nor see it. It should be transparent, invisible. Only from such a body, we, as consciousnesses, can penetrate into the subtlest eons in order to meet there with the Holy Spirits and the Creator!

* * *

Now let us sum up: what is the difference between the lower “i” — and the Higher “I”?

The lower “i”, as we have discussed, “nests” in the chakra ajna.

The Higher “I” is the Primordial Consciousness and the Consciousnesses of the Holy Spirits and Messiahs coessential with the Primordial Consciousness.

We can cognize the Higher “I” and flow into It only through becoming similar to It by the level of subtlety and of intellectual, ethical, and power development.

“Enlightenment” means the transformation of a consciousness into the Divine Light, since the Divine Consciousnesses are actually perceived as the subtlest and most tender Living Light.

The Path of Yoga, in general, including its highest stage called Buddhi Yoga, is the development from the state of the lower “i” to the state of the Higher “I”.

The term buddhi is used to denominate such a developing consciousness. So, at the beginning it was jiva: a little incarnate soul, placed into the body and fixed to it for some time. Instead of it, each one of us should transform himself or herself into buddhi: a consciousness that grows outside the material body in the subtle eons. And then — with the help of the methods of Buddhi Yoga — it can be grown to the state of the Higher “I”, Which is also called Atman. Afterwards, Atman should merge with Paramatman (i.e., the Primordial Consciousness, the Creator). For this, there exist the appropriate methods as well.

We should direct the process of our growth according to three parameters. The first one is the refinement. The second one is size. And the third one is the understanding of the Path and of my own place on it, including the stage on which I stand at this moment.

Additionally, the great and developed to the Divine level of subtlety individual Consciousness should learn to merge with the Consciousnesses of the Highest Divine eons, flowing into Them.

In this way, the main commandment of the New Testament, the commandment given to us by Jesus Christ, is realized: “Be perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect!” (Matt 5:48). That means we should become identical — by the quality of the souls — to the Creator. Yes, Jesus literally offered us to become identical to God-the-Father! And it is quite feasible to do — under the guidance of Divine Teachers — for the soul that was already prepared.

Nevertheless, we need to remember that the process of self-perfecting does not begin from the growth of consciousness but from ethical purification.

* * *

Psychology is the science about the soul. Therefore, the main task of psychology should be the art of the development of a soul. And this is what we are doing now. This should be the basic knowledge of psychology!

Moreover, it is clear that psychology cannot be materialistic, atheistic. It is not possible by its very definition.

… So, on this wonderful place of power, a working site of Divine Sarkar, we can cleanse chakras, meridians, bodies and “cocoons” and make them transparent.

Juan Matus spoke about “burning the emanations inside the cocoons”. “Burning” implies the use of fire. And here, on this place, it is optimal to do this, merging with Sarkar and using His Divine Fire.

And let nothing remain in our bodies but the Divine Fire! Our ultimate goal is to make our bodies completely Divine! As a result, we should master the ability to dematerialize our bodies and then materialize them where necessary.

One of our Divine Teachers told us that He considers the dematerialization of a body as the highest achievement of a person. And we know the examples of such achievements.

* * *

There is such a thing as a vector of the scale of multidimensionality. Where can one find it?

It goes like this through the expanded anahata.

On that end of it, it is possible to find the increasing black density; let us feel there the border with hell. (But do not enter there: you will make yourself very dirty! Yet it is very useful to know the border of this dark eon!)

If you pass, following this vector, to its opposite end — you may find your Atman.

… Our bodies in their totality exist in one spatial dimension — eon of prakriti (or of matter). But the term organism is not identical to the term body. Our organisms are multidimensional structures, i.e. they are present in several eons simultaneously. However, an “ordinary” person lives only in one eon; he or she does not fill others eons with himself or herself as the consciousness, so these eons exist only as his or her potential.

We also should take into account that our multidimensional organisms are much larger in their volume than our material bodies. These organisms are of different sizes among different people and include, among others structures, the “reservoirs” with Atmic energy called Kundalini; we have already talked about this earlier.

Each person has an opportunity to move — passively or actively — with the main part of consciousness into paradise or hell eons. It depends on the state of consciousness to which we have accustomed ourselves during life in our bodies: to subtle, gentle, and caring love — or to coarse states such as irritation, hatred, and so on.

The methods of Buddhi Yoga allow us to master actively the eons of the Holy Spirit and the Primordial Consciousness.

In the book Ecopsychology, we have published the scheme for studying the structure of the Absolute. It shows exactly what I am talking about: the structure of the multidimensional human organism, which can be fully mastered.

There are two related terms: microcosm — and macrocosm. The first term means the multidimensional conglomeration of a human organism, examined by us right now. It is like a miniature model of the multidimensional macrocosm-Absolute. Having mastered the microcosm, we can easily find our place in the corresponding part of the Absolute.

By the way we live on the Earth, we actually choose in what spatial dimension we will live after abandoning our material bodies: in hell, in paradise, in the Abode of the Creator, etc.

We can find a vector of the scale of multidimensionality inside the microcosm. It crosses the eons in which we have already learned to live and also the unexplored ones.

I will repeat once again the same thought: each one of us is like a building of seven floors, but multidimensional. These “floors” are the multidimensional layers. Each one of us is the “Absolute in miniature” inside the total Absolute. And we, having developed ourselves, can move at will from one “floor” to another, stay for a long time in some of them, and grow there. In this way, we will continue to exist after the separation from our bodies in those eons.

It is clear that it makes sense for us to explore our own “seven-storey” construction, putting the special emphasis on the “floors” “inhabited” by the Divine Consciousness.

Additionally, it is useful to know that out of the coarse layers of multidimensionality, it is not possible to see what is happening in more subtle layers. On the contrary, from subtle layers, we can easily see denser layers and everything that happens in them. That is how the Creator and the Holy Spirits see and hold under their control all that happens in the denser layers of the Absolute. They see it and can control the events taking place there if they want to. Each soul is seen by God without any limitation; it is not possible to hide somewhere from Him. And every One of the Holy Spirits has an infinite number of Arms, with which He or She can easily control all less developed creatures.

This is how the Divine Teachers join in different situations those souls that have to influence each other’s development. Thus, among other ways, the righteous people meet with villains, the Saints with the sinners, one future spouse with another, people with animals, etc.

Among other things, the Holy Spirits control the process of incarnation of the souls into those bodies that will be the most suitable for their further evolution.

* * *

Mastering all this here and now, at this place of power, we can quite easily learn to stretch our arms of love at any distance from the spiritual hearts, hold on our palms different embodied beings and fill their bodies with the power of Love.

In Hinduism, there is a cult image of many-armed Shiva. This image shows the reality of what I am talking about. However, now we can already create even a greater number of our arms of Love!

This is how the Holy Spirits act.

The same method of working with the arms of the developed spiritual heart allows us to enter easily the Abode of the Creator. For this, we should move both the arms of consciousness to it, and then the spiritual heart, which the soul consists of, will move easily to the space between these arms…

Through the same mechanism, we fill with ourselves everything permeated with our arms. Thus we start transforming ourselves into the Absolute… Let us perceive how the countless Arms of the Creator, the United We, permeate the whole Creation…

… So now we know how to realize our coessentiality with the Primordial Consciousness and with the entire Absolute. It was easy to experience on this place of power, yet now we have to master this state in everyday life, on other places as well.

Our main task here was to find out how it can be done. In fact, no matter how many times someone says: “Become the Primordial Consciousness!”, “Be the Absolute!” — this does not help if one does not know how. Now I have explained to you in general how this can be done.

Recommended Literature

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Video Films

1. Immersion in the Harmony of Nature. Way to Paradise. (Slide show). 90 minutes (on a CD or DVD),

2. Spiritual Heart. 70 minutes.

3. Sattva (Harmony, Purity). 60 minutes.

4. Sattva of Mists. 75 minutes.

5. Sattva of Spring. 90 minutes.

6. Art of Being Happy. 42 minutes (HD-video).

7. Practical Ecopsychology. 60 minutes (HD-video).

8. Keys to the Mysteries of Existence. Finding Immortality. 38 minutes (HD-video).

9. Bhakti Yoga. 47 minutes (HD-video).

10. Kriya Yoga. 40 minutes (HD-video).

11. Yoga of Krishna. 80 minutes (HD-video).

12. Yoga of Buddhism. 135 minutes, in 2 parts (HD-video).

13. Taoist Yoga. 90 minutes, 2 parts (HD-video).

14. Psychical Self-Regulation. 112 minutes in 2 parts (HD-video).

15. Yoga of Sathya Sai Baba. 100 minutes (HD-video).

16. Yoga of Sufis. 128 minutes in 2 parts (HD-video).

17. Yoga of Ancient Russians. 105 minutes in 2 parts (HD-video).

18. Yoga of Atlanteans. 82 minutes (HD-video).

19. Yoga of Pythagoras. 75 minutes (HD-video).

20. Laya Yoga. 48 minutes (HD-video).

21. Kundalini Yoga. 45 minutes (HD-video).

22. Yoga of Don Juan Matus and other Indian Spiritual Chiefs. 147 minutes in 2 parts (HD-video).

23. Yoga of Jesus Christ. 128 minutes in 2 parts (HD-video).

24. Agni Yoga. 76 minutes (HD-video).

25. Advaita Yoga. 47 minutes (HD-video).

26. Ashtanga Yoga. 60 minutes (HD-video).

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